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This would be great since NERV is on the other side of the world, and I also wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow.


Wi-Fi 6 has been announced.


The guy who wrote that actually responded to this Tweet.


This is… Something I can make.



15 characters of again?


I didn’t know this happened outside of movies.


I think the rules state that she’s in charge of everything now, right? Orange hitler, step aside, this eight year old has a free world to be the leader of.



The full story.




Has anyone ever tried making transparent food?


It appears that the panels are live from GDQ

Bonus content that I didn’t expect to get.


I made Jell-o once.


Despite really enjoying WWII fighters and all that, I know very little about actual dogfighting doctrine, especially anything since the missile era.

But this is quite cool:


I’ve got a couple hours under my belt in a real USAF F16 full-cockpit simulator thanks to a program from my middle school.

I destroyed several virtual F16s, and survived most of those incidents.


To be fair, what couldn’t you turn into a bomb.