Things of Your Day


Ehh. Too many of them are just same-shape animes with big tiddies.

The amount of unconventionally attractive -ettes is like, way too low.


Alter by the original artist Steve Argyle.


Have Yakuza 6 story explained to you in about 3 hours.





They return


Awww yeah bread


The bread video wasn’t that good. Maybe that’s because I already knew about bread and didn’t learn much? Maybe it’s because there isn’t that much to know about bread.


I mean, bread is fundamental to a big chunk of civilization from its earliest days. Peasants were bread experts.





Maybe it’s because this episode was far more obvious than the previous ones. As soon as the bread slid onto the table, the bread samples were so wildly different that you can immediately see which one was more expensive just by looking at them.


Most of the episodes have been really obvious.

I really really want them to do wine and I really want them to try to fool the expert.

Maybe I’ll have to find my own wine expert and do it myself.


I’d like to see Gary Vaynerchuk do it. He ran the Wine Library and its podcast for many years.


I haven’t heard that name in a long time. Isn’t he some Silicon Valley sleazeball?


So I’m meeting parents during opened house at the school, and I’m talking with the one of the dads. He mentions Toracon. Then we start talking about RIT.

Dude was one of the original people who started the anime club with Tex. And knows Tex. And Luke and Gabby.

We nerded out hard in front of his daughters. It was really, really funny.


This week’s video is too good.


Remember how Weezer covered Toto’s Africa a while back? They just released a video, and they made one key improvement:


Oh hey I remember that video when I posted it a few days ago, still an awesome video.