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Imagine being such a piece of shit all of your siblings get on TV and tell everyone you’re an asshole.


i love the original tho


Thing is though, according to the 538 model:

Despite that ad, he’s still gonna win.


All versions are great.



This Old Tony keeps getting better and better and then he was never bad to begin with.

I do miss the earlier era that’s very much just him making random stuff, but it’s more entertaining now.


So this guy is making a series on city planning through the lenses of historical events and explaining why cities are built the way they are using Cities Skylines as the game. His humor and commentary on him getting pretty close to historically accurate with some good political insites makes this better than it should be.


Started watching that same series yesterday after being pointed to it on twitter. It’s very good.


Insights. Than. …


Still working on this phone posting thing, thanks for pointing out the typos.


Thank you for recommending this. I have a new book in my queue thanks to it.



Every other variation of this meme can go home now


She needs to be completely armless, otherwise what’s the point!?



Hahah, okay good.



It can’t be stopped.


I for one welcome our new fucky Mario enemy overlords.