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Ball Pits in Art Galleries


Does anyone remember Rym’s old panel on Losing?

Well, look what Extra Credits uploaded today…


How to make a good idea an expert one, add a commentary person and graphics.



First it was cheese, chocolate, knives, ice cream, and hot sauce. Are you prepared for the next evolution?


I could DO one of these about microphones or mixers…

I want to SEE one of these about skis.


There are a LOT of things I could do this for. Computers, TVs, monitors, cameras, bikes, chairs, games.

I do enjoy all the videos with this format. They are an entertaining and engaging way to learn valuable info. The best part is that there are no brands mentioned or sponsors, and the experts all tell you what’s real and what’s bullshit.

I still wish they would actually try harder to fool. the experts. Bring on the wine!


Best I can do is a worse cheese episode probably.

I don’t think the format fits that well for computers in that… you basically identify the chipset and specific parts and vendors and… then what? “Oh this is a vintage i7-2660 which benchmarked about here back in the day and it’s on the top end asus motherboard for the time.” Or picking apart bootlegged counterfeit graphics cards?

Bikes would be pretty funny to me, one of my coworkers is a huge bike nerd and I bet he’d disagree with you about some minutia I wouldn’t even know about and I’d just laugh.

Monitors is legit, but also gets into specific industry knowledge. Only so many panel vendors and manufacturers and internals. You can’t like… hide that?


Real console vs various emulators. Get the speedrunners to ID the real console from play alone.


When are they gonna do guitars?


I think this would be a fun format for juggling equipment. It all looks identical to non-jugglers, but an expert would be able to break down what makes one club expensive and one club cheap. Same with bounce balls, beanbags, diabolos and rings.

Maybe I should make that video!


I would watch it!


Same. I want to know all about his balls.



So this is second video in a not yet complete series from a modern sailor aboard an oil tanker about what it’s actually like, day to day, to be a sailor on an oil tanker.






Update that biz for 2018