Things of Your Day


I’d have a hot dog over a tamale sandwich. Think there are places in NY that sell dumplings for real cheap as well.


We HAVE them yes, if you seek them out and pay a bit more. Not much more, like $2-3. This was a competition of the cheapest of the cheap, and in NY that’s clearly the hotdog.



In case you missed it Verge did a video on how to build a PC it was so bad they they pulled it from the Internet here is a summary as to why.


That’s way bad.


I like when he threw away the CPU socket cover, the thing that every MB manufacturer tells you not to do.


I like the part where he didn’t know that the different PCI-X slots were different.


I like the part when literally every PC builder/reviewer on YouTube has a reaction video to the Verge video.

Actually I legit do kinda like that.


And for my first appearance/post/log in in over a year, I bring you a joke I thought of at work last week…


As we all know, las week was the 17th anniversary of 9/11. It’s a bummer to think about but it’s been that long. Anyway, fun fact: the age of consent in the state of New York is 17. So it’s official: 9/11 can officially go fuck itself.


I mean, my cable management is kinda lazy and usually involves tons of zip ties but damn that is a mess.


My cable management is worse than that actually, but I’m not making a video showing people how to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:


True true. The thing that really strikes me about it is that this is a multi million subscriber channel and it was presented like a middle school kid’s public speaking assignment.



I spend more time on my cable management than everything else combined when I build a computer.


Found on reddit, made me actually laugh for a while.

One time I was shitting at an Applebee’s when I heard a dude rush in and pick a stall right across from me and he just starts puking horribly. I mean this guy was legit sick. After a minute or so I decided to peek beneath the door of the stall I’m in just to see if I could see this poor guy, and I shit you not, I made eye contact with another guy peeking beneath his stall.



For those who are unaware MAGfest’s YouTube account now has all the concerts for both BitGen and MAGWest for your background working pleasure.


Looks like a Simpsons episode happened in real life:


Well, I was legit kicked out of a Pizza Hut in high school for eating too much all-you-can-eat pizza…


The exact same thing happened to me, my friends and I were all thrown out and banned.


Fun story: former coworker played football and had an away game in Colorado, they wanted to get something good to eat and chose a Brazilian steakhouse. They ate a meal, once done they had their football meeting with team, then ate another meal. In total they had 2.5 dinners and desert for a $120 a person and was there all day.