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Edit: Changed my mind, this is way more interesting.


I just unsubscribed from this channel in a purge of old and dead YouTube followings.



I generally don’t like large channels like that. I usually only like a small fraction of their videos. not worth cluttering my subs for the 10% of stuff they do that I like


Oops I replied to the wrong comment. I meant this channel:

I unsubscribed because they hadn’t posted a video in over 2 years… and then a day later they put out a new video.


Related to the discussion of IDEs in the Google thread, MS Paint: the IDE








Kipchoge + Berlin Marathon + good conditions = NEW MARATHON WORLD RECORD. Broken by OVER A MINUTE!!!


Interesting change of pace from an unexpected place.

Gary Burnhardt summarizes my thoughts better than I can.





So maybe I’m biased because I’ve lived here for 2/3 of my life but on exactly this dimension NY is a clear loser. Dirty water dog is inferior to some of the other options.


Two hours let’s gooo


We do also have most of those options though. It is New York. We have the cheapo street food from so many other places alongside our hot dogs.


We also have incredible hot dogs that aren’t $1.