Things of Your Day

It’s old but still good.

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We’ve found Themyscira.

When an apple commercial invokes trickery from Virtual Insanity then you question why it was a commercial at all.

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2 things happened tonight:

I was doing my course in Italian with duolingo and something nifty happened
I remembered a friend recommended giffingtool for all my making gifs needs


So, this weird bug is happening with Amazon Alexa.

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I look forward to this being all over the convince stores.

Bit of context: Moonrat media aka the people who brought you the board with life series was told to make a how to video on buttons. The company “did not say no nearly enough” leaving this as the end result.

Does Alex Jones actually believe the stuff he says, or is it just a scam to get gullible assholes to buy his books and merch and sell advertising? What little I’ve head of him is so outrageous it borders on parody.

Do the psychics who pretend to talk to deceased relatives believe they actually have psychic powers?

You can’t tell, and it doesn’t matter. Evil is evil.

Of course, in any case it’s a detriment to society. I just always wonder what makes people do the things they do, if they’re for real or if it’s a grift or somewhere in between.

I’m sure it’s different on a case by case basis. It could even be a mixture of the two. It’s impossible to know without being that person.

I’m inclined to believe that he largely doesn’t, but he tells himself he does, big time.

Basically he’s a very talented salesman. He has a really successful show and is pretty rich because of it. You don’t get to success on JUST luck, there’s some skill involved and I’m generally inclined to say skilled people are at least somewhat generally intelligent and therefore he probably doesn’t like ACTUALLY believe the more outlandish things he says.

HOWEVER, he’s a salesman and if you are selling something you have to believe in your product so that you can effectively sell it. So my guess is that he’s “drank the kool-aid” and like tells himself that he buys it and attempts to really believe it.

None of this matters, and this is pure speculation but it’s what ya asked for. Evil is evil, what’s in his head doesn’t matter.

I posted an article nearly a year ago where Jones’ own lawyer called him a performance artist.

He also shills products that contradict the statements his own show perpetuates. Brain Force Plus is a famous example–a supplement pill that contains soy, despite InfoWars’ claims that soy somehow feminizes men. It’s also a scam, because it’s low on nutrients compared to other supplement pills and is way overpriced. Hbomberguy did a great job tearing down InfoWars’ hypocrisy.