The PC Building Thread


I’m not getting rid of it. I want a new higher res monitor, and I’d turn my current ultrasharp into monitor 2, vertical, to the right.

I’d ditch the ancient panel I have on the side.



Everything you ever wanted to know about graphic cards and monitors 2017 edition.


Well my monitors are so old they don’t even have LED back lights.

Isn’t 2K the same as 1080P? I think 1080P is fine for what I do most of the time, which is read the internet, watch videos, and casually game.

I’m considering this, the cheapest ultrasharp. I’m assuming 6ms is enough for casual gaming. Also the small edge will be really nice for butting two monitors next to each other as I currently have an inch and a half gap screen edge to screen edge.


The monitor we have now is the U2410. It’s discontinued, but that U4127H is not even as good. It is less expensive, though.


Other than the extra vertical pixels, how is that monitor better?


Color gamut, consistency, and correctness.


How do you know that?

And honestly, my monitors are so crap now that I’m sure this would look amazing by comparison.


Not quite. 2k is 2048 × 1080 (as opposed to 1920x1080).*

*EDIT: apparently 2k is technically 2048 x ANYTHING…


[quote=“GeorgePatches, post:148, topic:327”]
How do you know that?
[/quote]I read the specs on the monitor. And, I do color calibration with Adobe for all the video/design work I do.


Ahhhh, I see now. 16.7M vs 1.07B colors. They call those PremierColor monitors now.

Such fancy color support is probably wasted on my colorblind eyes. :frowning:


Heh. Yeah, if you’re colorblind you probably don’t need a fancy monitor at all.


If you’re not doing Photoshop and such, the 16.7M is enough. The problem is that back in the day before almost all screens were IPS people were using TN screens that were even less than 16.7M.


Now I’m wondering if I might be happier with a single ultra wide for most of what I do. Something with like a 75Hz refresh rate.

EDIT: Something like this has the VESA mount I use.


Wow, that price is really good considering. I just personally like tall and hate wide. I also really like the separation of having two separate screens. One really big one is bleh. Maximize a browser window, and now it’s just way too wide. Watch a YouTube video full screen, and it’s letterboxed on the sides.


Well I just don’t maximize every window. This seems like it would be large enough to have a browser window anchored to each side of the screen.


So with the steam sale, my friends and I picked up a bunch of DCS modules and I needed a HOTAS to play with. After some research, this appears to be the best entry level in terms of quality/price ratio.

To be honest, it’s been ages since I’ve purchased a joystick that I’m a bit surprised at how sparse the market is. There is either complete dogshit, or military grade hardware that costs half a grand.



The catch-22 remains. Hardware is scarce, so no one makes games for it. Games are scarce, so there’s no market for hardware.


DCS + Elite:Dangerous are probably the only two games on the market right now that actually necessitate the use of a HOTAS. It’s a pretty niche market.


DAMN IT, all these reasonable 75Hz monitors only work with AMD graphics cards.

Why are G-Sync monitors so freaking expensive?