The PC Building Thread


G sync is priority tech and has a large license fee.


You don’t want g-sync. All indications are that it is unnecessary bullshit.


I do want 75Hz though, that was so pretty back in the day with CRTs.


I’ve wanted a combat flight sim for years but I’ve always been too broke to afford a good enough graphics card for it or a HOTAS set but just over a bill for a toe dip level one it is pretty good.


[quote=“Andrew, post:157, topic:327”]
So with the steam sale, my friends and I picked up a bunch of DCS modules and I needed a HOTAS to play with. After some research, this appears to be the best entry level in terms of quality/price ratio.
[/quote]If you don’t mind spending the extra fifty bucks, I strongly recommend the X-52 as an entry level HOTAS. It’s a great stick, I’ve been using one for Elite for a fair while now, and honestly I’d place it above some of the 2 and 3 hundred dollar sticks I’ve tried in the past. You dial it in once to adjust the size for your hand and your throttle resistance, and then it’s good to go pretty much forever.


After much deliberating, I think the answer is going to be 2 of these monitors.

These things are wicked cheap for the money. I don’t need the USB hub that the Ultrasharps provide since I already bought a 3.0 hub.


This is the review that tipped me for the T16000M


From what I understand, Logitech bought out Saitek from MadCatz when the MadCatz went bankrupt. I’m hoping Logitech releases another generation of the X series since I heard QC on the X-52s and beyond were really sketchy during the end of the MadCatz era.

FWIW I have an X-45 but getting the drivers/software to work in Windows 10 is a PITA.


The Thrustmaster Hotas X actually isn’t too bad for a budget setup.


HOTAS acquired. So far I think the throttle is pretty great, however I think the joystick is a bit lacking. Not enough buttons on the stick itself and it feels cheaper than the throttle in construction. Still it’s got a firm response to it and I think once I find a key mapping I’ll be quite happy with it.


I’m amazed at how awful most mid-tier joysticks feel compared to the Flightstick Pro I had in the 90s. That thing was wonderful.


I had the same. Used it for X-Wing.


They still make the Flightstick Pro:


I was getting ready to pull the trigger and pick up a GTX 1070, only to find out that prices have skyrocketed thanks to all the 10 series being bought up to mine some new cryptocurrency. Nvidia is apparently gearing up to produce GPUs with no video output specifically for mining but in the mean time people who want them for their intended purpose are getting shafted.


Can confirm… Sorta anyway We picked up 4 at work for some deep learning problems we’re trying to solve. Those cuda cores are… well there’s nothing better.


Yeah but that’s a legit use for actual business/research instead of creating fake money for buying drugs and kiddie porn.


So this is why I couldn’t find a 1070 to save my life! 1080s and 1060s abound though, so I just got the 1080.


It seems to be 1060s and 70s are the worst hit because of bang for buck with mining. 1080s too expensive for what they’d be used for and 1050s too weak so you can find them with reasonable prices.


I know we’re getting off topic now but I had my weird finance cousin, controller somewhere on Wall Street, ask me for an in depth explanation about how bitcoin (and more generally crypto-currencies) work and whether in my (totally less financially qualified than him) opinion it was worth investing in.

The 1070 came up in discussion with my finance cousin.

Strange times we live in.


damn. I was planning on using that.