The PC Building Thread

My computer is getting even more crashy, despite super clean installing of Windows. It has to be a flaky motherboard. If only it wasn’t LGA 1155, it would be easier to replace it. I ended up ordering a refurbished motherboard from Newegg. We’ll see how it works out.

Gotta hold out another year at least! I wanna have an 1180 while everyone else has a 1080.

That was my last motherboard. It was super crashy too.

Welp. It it’s worse than what I have now, I can return it.

Always rough when the mobo you bought turns out to be a bit off beat and uncommon. You never know either. Not until years later when you’re looking to replace. That’s rough, Hopefully you don’t end up having to replace the whole thing.

Just gotta hold out one more year. There’s nothing actually wrong with my computer performance-wise, just stability issues. My plan is to hold out for a 10nm Intel CPU and NVidia 1180.

Hopefully by then we will also have affordable M.2 drives that are 1TB or more. Maybe 64GB of RAM will be a thing also, but I don’t even use all the 32 that I have now.

I am looking into getting a new monitor in the next six months to a year (kid is building a PC so he gets old parts and I get new ones). I currently run with an Asus VG248QE which runs 1080p/144/1ms. This is fed by a GTX970.

Looking at the coming 4K/HDR tech I am pretty excited to play games with HDR but 4K is not as big of a deal. I believe HDR is going to be limited to 4K so… Yeah, probably not going to happen.

In order of importance I will not go below 144hz in a monitor ever again. I have had to set the refresh back to 60hz a few times while playing Fallout 4 because terminals will glitch out above 60hz and when I do? My god it is painful to drop back to 60hz.

My monitor has a 1ms response time and I honestly have no idea if I could tell the difference between a 1ms and a 5ms response time. I don’t play twitch games so response time is one of those ‘lower would be better, but I can’t tell the difference’ kinds of things.

Resolution is probably where my main point of ignorance lies and the question I need the most help with. How much impact is there from going wide? Does going from 1080p to 2560x1080 have a larger impact than going to 2560x1440 and keeping to the same 16:9 ratio? Is the wider screen always better or only better for certain types of games? Do some games respond to a wider screen by squishing things rather than expanding field of view? After a lifetime of 4:3 and 16:9 is 21:9 going to require a longer learning curve? Is it going to ruin me (the way 16:9 ruined 4:3) for 16:9 screens? More importantly, is the price difference between a similarly speced 16:9 and a 21:9 worth it?

There is no objectively better aspect ratio. Only high refresh rates, faster response times, wider color gamuts, greater color accuracy, more dpi, and higher resolutions are objectively superior.

Lots of things these days, like games, are designed with 16:9 aspect ratios in mind, so that may benefit you. Personally I prefer 16:10 or even taller. It’s just nicer to have taller text editors, taller browsers, more up/down visibility in 3d games, etc. It’s all up to what you like, though.

Caveat that while anecdotal, is technically correct and almost completely irrelevant in the modern era. On CRT monitors a higher refresh rate was not objectively superior.

Source: At 14 I after building a new computer I was hunting around for settings to max out and found monitor refresh rate which I increased from 60hz to 120hz. It was around this point that I experienced the first of the three ocular migraines I’ve ever experienced in my life. This is in addition to the many eye based headaches that that caused for the few weeks I had it until I realized it to be the cause of my woes.

Go 16:9, like Scott I would also prefer 16:10 but all the monitors with my perfect feature sets are in 16:9.

Many games won’t like the 21:9 aspect ratio or you will feel like it’s weird as fuck to play / need to sit way back from the monitor, it’s fairly weird for me personally but you might enjoy it.

I would still recommend 2560 x 1600 if it’s for gaming otherwise, if it weren’t for gaming, I would say just go for 4k or higher.

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My beef wtih 16:9 is that it was not common until LCD TVs became mainstream and everyone wanted to save costs by making “HD” 1920x1080 panels. This is known as the great step down in computer display resolutions. =(

No one really wanted 16:9 until it was commonplace for other reasons. Most widescreen monitors in the early days were 16:10.

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I want a 3:2 screen. Basically the Surface Studio screen just on it’s own. Having that would mean that I could comfortably have video preview on the same screen as my editing timeline while still having enough room for the timeline to show more than 4-5 tracks at once with the audio tracks having the vertical size to show the waveforms (I edit video basically by reading the waveform of the audio).

AMD is bringing out a CPU at less than half the cost of a similar Intel CPU.

Yeahhhh, it’s going to take a lot for me to believe in that.

[quote=“Apreche, post:13, topic:327, full:true”]
Yeahhhh, it’s going to take a lot for me to believe in that.
[/quote]I normally pay some attention to AMD, and I’ve rarely had a problem with their stuff, so I’m less leery of them than many other folk, but this is definitely a case of “I’ll believe it when I see it, with independently verified benchmarks.”

I can believe it in the sense that Intel could get away with gouging and get away with captive business audiences who basically must buy Intel and must buy the best and so will fork over $1000 for the chip.

I’m eager to find out if they’re right but I definitely see how they could legit do it. I mean they picked the perfect time to strike, with evetyring Intel being old or new-but-dissapointingly-samey.

What would stick me back to my Intel plans would be if Ryzen turns out to hate Nvidia cards, it causes insane bugs that Intel doesnt, the nunbers tieb out to be utterly bogus, Skylake-E drops and gives enthusiast performance equal to the 1800x at a similar 500 dollars, or if Intel kicks their prices for the 7700k and 6800k down a ledge.

So not a sure thing, lota can happen, but it won’t be long to find out and those criteria all are not the likely things. Likely the numbers IRL are close to the figures given, likely Intel isn’t shitting brix yet, likely they aint sitting on a game changing cpu either. Likely it will come out and be solid but with a few caveats like if you must have maximum clock speeds for certain gaming then you still need Intel chips that can rock 4.8GHz all day. But for the rest of us, I mostly want the most killer gaming workstation I can get while not blowing my wad, and for $500 the 1800x might be perfect for that if it’s anywhere close to what we see.

And it’ll look awesome in my custom case slash desk machine. More to come on that later.

So for streaming I got a setup on my HTPC. The problem is that the only screen on my HTPC is the TV, and I’ve got the game on there full screen. I need another screen so I can see the streaming software, the chat, etc.

What is a good enough cheap/small monitor with HDMI input? I’m really not interested in quality, just reliability, smallness, and cheapness. Multiple HDMI inputs would be a “nice to have” feature, but not necessary. I can always buy an HDMI switch.

Do you have any thrift shops nearby? Right now I’m currently using 2 Goodwill and 1 garage sale monitor. Not the highest resolution, but shit I think the most expensive was like $10. You might not find one with HDMI but if it’s just for steaming software I think it would be fine with an adapter.

Alternatively, you could buy a cheap little HDMI monitor made for a Raspberry Pi and just set it next to you while you’re streaming.

Seriously. All of my monitors are $10-$20 buys from Goodwill.

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One of my hard drives died the other day, so I decided to replace it and a couple of my other smaller ones (none bigger than 250GB) with a 3TB. Naturally, this meant taking out my tower from behind my desk. Naturally, this meant cleaning the insides and doing some much-needed cable management.

It went from this

to this.

Cleaned out all the dust, cleaned all the fans and filters, re-sealed some of the gaps with aluminum ducting tape, gave everything a solid wiping down with some lysol wipes (except PCBs, those got alcohol wipes) and now she is skookum as fuck.