The New Forum beta test - complaints and suggestions


These are the types of things I wish people would do instead of saying stupid shit like “want” was a reply to something.



You can click on Likes and see who liked the post.


It is well known that everybody jumps to the Juggalo sound. Fuck outta here if you ain’t down with the clown.


@Apreche I applaud creative communication, you know I do. However, you also know the occasional pull of limited time. When I am out and about, sometimes I just need a quick, timely response without taking my gloves off to type a sentence. Why not remove the limit so that the user can choose the length of response that works best for their needs? If not, I will complain to you every time this comes up. It has already come up for me three times and each time has been increasingly annoying.

BTW, I love the scroll bar that shows not only the position on the page, but also the date range of the posts in the conversation. :slight_smile:


Attention everyone. Whenever you get denied for a post that is too short write this instead:

The following post got denied for being too short:

insert too-short post here

Then I can judge whether I like that those posts were denied or not.


I would say anything less than 10, but really I don’t care. If it doesn’t let me post less than 20 characters then I probably don’t need to say anything.

And really there are plenty of times when I start to write something then realize what I’m writing is a waste of time. So having that restriction kinda helps in that way.


RE: The AGDQ thread, the twitch stream embedded in that post starts playing automatically which is kind of annoying. Is there anything that can be done about it?


Complain to the people that make Discourse.


I had the same issue with a daily motion video. I ended up just linking it as plain old html link without the embedded thumbnail.


The link in the iframe on the page, a link to Twitch, has the autoplay parameter set to true. So I would complain to whoever started that thread.


I would fix this, but I’ve seem to have lost my post editing powers.


Incorrect. The person who created the post correctly only included a link to the twitch stream. No tags around it whatsoever. Just a plain text URL all on its own. As it should be.

Discourse recognized it as a twitch link and replaced it with the proper embed code. Just like it does for YouTube and many other sites. However, the embed code they are using has autoplay set to true. It is Discourse’s fault.

I sure hope people can’t paste iframes and such into their posts. That would be a security nightmare.


trying to post an iframe


Fixed it, sorry about that.


I didn’t think someone put the actual iframe in but that Discourse just wrapped whatever URL it was given in an iframe with the player. It’s kinda silly that it decides to autoplay it.


Ah ha, I think if the post I’m replying explicitly to is also the most recent post, it skips the → Reply jumpback.


Writing 20 characters so I can test that hypothesis.


Writing 20 more characters to test it some more.


You are correct. I think we can report this bug to Discourse.