The New Forum beta test - complaints and suggestions


So really what we need is a dislike button.


@Apreche, what if someone asks a question requiring only a “yes” or “no”?


Found a bug: on mobile, hit reply, then swipe back (i.e. go back a page). Reply box stays up. iPhone SE.


That is a feature, not a bug. The reply box is still tied to the original thread.


Yeah, you’re right. I think there is a bug still, though. If I hit the bottom of the page scrolling, my ios keyboard pops up, even if the reply box doesn’t have focus.


I’d say continuing a joke is meaningful.


Just saying “butts” didn’t make the cut.


Does the setting really need to be changed? Sure, it would be more convenient, but typing in “/twentycharacters,” or some other random nonsense, to meet the minimum length requirement isn’t that much of a barrier.


You can say something like:

Yes, that is the reason the chicken crossed the road.


No, do not buy that thing which is not good.

It’s more helpful and explicit this way.


Agree. /twentycharacters


Tested on Linux, Windows, Chrome OS and Android, can’t reproduce your error.

That’s a bug with iOS Explorer, can’t you just use a competent browser like Chrome or Firefox on it?
Maybe you can log a bug on the iOS Explorer Github page.



When I Reply to someone in a thread, while I’m composing my reply there’s a label above the textarea saying Reply To Xyz but it’s not always the case that the response shows up with the reply arrow. I haven’t figured out quite how to reproduce it. Possibly if I abandon or restart a reply?


Do the podcast episodes still carry a link to it’s thread in the forum?


I’m going to fix that as much as I can when I get to working on the web site. As of now, some work some don’t.


@Apreche Someone asked a “who would like to do a thing” sort of question. To that, a “me” response is much clearer than a “like.” Liking something ≠ yes, no, or me. Sometimes, brevity and clarity are necessary. I, for one, would appreciate it if you lifted the 20 character limit. However, it is your forum.


Try these 20+ character alternatives to “yes” that will spice things up!

Sign me up, I am down with the clown! (I do not endorse or encourage actually being down with the clown.)

Affirmative gold leader. Moving s-foils to attack position.

Oui oui, passez le fromage s’il vous plaît


All these can be yours for the incredibly low price of $0.00!

Order now and we’ll throw in twice as many affirmative sentences. That’s right, we’ll double the number of sentences for the same ridiculously low price of $0! Call now. Shipping and handling fees may apply.


How did you do that?


Looks like a bunch of nested div tags. Renders the same in the browser.