The New Forum beta test - complaints and suggestions


It sounds more like a feature.


That’s what we are about to find out.


I have evaluated many of your sub-20 character posts. I haven’t really seen any that are great contributions. The forum would have been much improved had they been lengthened. I also noticed that almost all of them were over 15 chars, so I’ll compromise and lower the limit to 15.


Exactly fifteen


I think 15 is good


Not a complaint or suggestion. As someone who is currently paying for internet per MB on a satellite connection in Antarctica, I just want to compliment the Discourse devs for making a forum that uses almost no bandwidth.


It does indeed use less because instead of loading the entire HTML page you are only loading that once and mostly making API calls with just JSON data for the new posts and such.

Also, things like cache headers and such are all properly set, so your browser isn’t requesting things it already has.


Ah right. I guessed it was only downloading new data as needed.

It used to be that crew internet on these cruise ships charged per minute. That way it would be a race against the clock, so I’d visit loads of websites and open loads of tabs, then disconnect, and then read all the pages. I’d chat as quickly as possible to Juliane, and usually FaceTime would be the quickest and easiest way.

Now being charged for data, I can stay connected for ages and as long as nothing starts trying to download updates in the background (I’ve turned all such options off) I can stay online as long as I want, and chat as long as I want via Messenger, and it hardly uses anything. And because this forum hardly takes any data either, I’ve been able to keep up to date and join in conversations I wouldn’t normally have bothered with on previous work trips.


I have a similar problem. When I travel for work there are cell data dead zones. I typically stop before entering them and load up a bunch of large articles I want to read later. Unfortunately, many websites I visit have added refresh calls so after I enter the dead zones the page tries to refresh itself and it goes away…

Also, the quote function appears to be somewhat erratic on mobile. Sometimes it shows up, other times… Nothing.


[quote=“hmtksteve, post:151, topic:39”]
after I enter the dead zones the page tries to refresh itself and it goes away…
[/quote]Mobile safari and Firefox both have reader mode, that usually takes care of those shenanigans.


Fixed the automatic posts from the web site to the new forum. I forgot to change the http to https in the web site code when I changed the forum.


How do you mark spoiler text?

Like this y'all

Like this.


We can’t see what you did?

[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details] The hide details option wasn’t working for me before.


Yup still isn’t

[details=The text next to the arrow]the hidden text[/details]
The text next to the arrow

the hidden text

The text next to the arrow

the hidden text

EDIT: Weird doing it from the button didn’t work. but copying and pasting that did.


Ah, I had just been using <details> + <summary> up to now. Glad to know there’s a dedicated equivalent that’s shorter to type!


Could you explain how that works?


The code Scott posted works fine and is easier to use, so you should probably just use that. But if you want to use the HTML version elsewhere, there’s a detailed explanation here.