The New Forum beta test - complaints and suggestions


Avatars are resetting for some accounts (Churba and Luke I’ve noticed so far) on Chrome for Windows 10. Anyone else having this issue? Not having the same issue on Chrome on my phone.


I noticed the same thing earlier today. I’ve seen luke and No_fun_girl without avatars, and just noticed that mine had vanished for me from my topbar, but not from my posts. But since Greg can’t see my topbar, I guess I can also assume my avi is gone from my posts for other people.


I was wondering why a bunch of avatars strangely vanished a few days ago.

It doesn’t appear to be a browser issue. I’m trying the site on three different browsers and they all have the same result (although I am using Windows 10). Is it happening on laptops or other OSes?


For me it had switched from Gravatar to Default, If you’re using Gravatar, go check your account settings.


Same on Linux. /15 chars


Seems to have worked for me.


It seems the avatars are back.


There was an upgrade yesterday. Probably got some bugfixes in there.


Is there any rate limiting on the server? Are there any rules you would prefer respected?