The New Forum beta test - complaints and suggestions


I get http status code 400 when I go to I see there’s some kind of trust level that could factor into it?


Not working for me either. The settings are correct. Discourse itself must be broken.


Now that the SSL/TLS has been working for quite some time I have enabled a setting such that it is REQUIRED. No more http on this forum.


Are you sure it’s working? Chrome says my connection “isn’t fully secure” even tho it’s got the HTTPS.


Hmm looking at the cert it seems like Scott used a free cert from Let’s Encrypt

Which as far as I know is legit and fine but it seems like firefox takes this to mean that they didn’t supply ownership info. Seems fine to me. SSL is definitely being used, the browser is just not a fan of free certs.


My firefox is showing the green lock and everything. “Secure connection”.


I get green locks in Chrome and also Firefox. Make sure your browsers are all up to date and that your computer/DNS isn’t compromised.


It showed as insecure yesterday but secure today for me. Same computer and network, so may have been a temporary issue?


pretty much same here. I see a “some images are insecure” then one refresh later everything’s k


I bet I know what’s going on. Images get hotlinked with http, triggering the mixed content warning. When the forum bot rewrites them to the discourse s3 bucket they’re turned into https, mixed content warning goes away.


This is it. So smart.


Out of curiosity, I was wondering if there’s data or analytics or whatever on what topics have the most people “watching,” “tracking,” “normal,” and “muted,” and whether that information was available to the forum administrators.

Obviously, when I personally log onto the forums, my custom preferences are loaded, so if I’ve decided to “mute” Topic X, that topic stays muted and I don’t see notifications when new messages are posted there. I was just curious if that information is available to other people, and if so, what the most popular or “tracking” forum topics were and what the least or “muted” topics were.


I’m sure it is possible to get those stats in the database, but they are not exposed in the UI. Here are the stats I can see.


Interesting, thanks.

I was just curious how many people are “tracking” various posts and how many people have “muted” others. It was just idle curiosity mostly.


I am in the market for forum software is there one that does not suck now or are we still searching?


This one isn’t perfect, but I haven’t found a better one.


I discovered a forum written in assembly.

It is fast.



Bah, I do all my web development by typing 1s and 0s. :stuck_out_tongue:


That was doable until they got 64 bit processors. Now it’s just too much typing, so I do it in hex.