The New Forum beta test - complaints and suggestions


I learned this annoyingly in the emjoi thread, sometimes called by it’s less accurate name Change a Letter


Only preceding I think
no space before🌶 no space after
no space before🌶 space after
space before :hot_pepper: no space after
space before :hot_pepper: space after

And it looks like the preview glitches when you use unicode rather than :text:
EDIT: nevermind tht’s not what I expected. All of those are supposed to be the unicode pepper (U+1F336).


Is there a way the forum software can NOT bump a thread after a post has been deleted?

“Oh hey, there’s a new post!” (clicks thread) “This post has been deleted.” “D’awww…”


Is there a way to change your username or am I gonna have to make a new account when I transition?


Whoa, just saw this in a thread:

Didn’t realize that was a feature.


Maybe it’s new? Just upgraded to 1.9.0 beta 16.


Is there a contingency plan for if Net Neutrality is repealed and ISPs don’t want to spend bandwith on a small site like this?


We build our own internet.


You jest but setting up decentralized networks has been a pet topic/hobby of mine for the last few years.

I was thinking in the event of like a protest where internet has been disabled but theoretically it could work all the way up the us east coast.


I was only half joking; physical/link layer of wireless networks is exactly the career path I’m looking to get into so I’m doing a lot of reading about it these days.


I mean, I have read about some towns and even small cities setting up city owned ISPs as a public utility and charging very little for blazing speeds for everyone in town. $40 a month for 100gbps up and down. Apparently it took a lot of wrangling and work to get around all the red tape ISP lobbyists got the government put in the way but it can be done.


As soon as you start doing this, the existing ISPs show up and start harassing the local government big time. It can only work if you have a mayor and city council who will go hard into the paint.


Oh I know I’m just saying it can be fought in other ways if necessary. I just wonder if more municipalities will rise to the challenge.


Don’t forget that some ISPs have managed to convince state governments to ban local governments setting up municipal ISPs as well.


Yes, this is the kind of thing I was talking about.


True, but in this case you either need the local government to take the state government to court and hope they manage to win, or you need the governor and state legislatures to be willing to tell the ISPs to go pound sand.


Can/should this be disabled? Bumping topics from time immemorial is an FRCC tradition.


I’ll try to find a setting to get rid of that.

EDIT: Found and disabled.


Is this something you can turn on @Apreche? It looks like it was implemented but it doesn’t appear to work on our forum.


The setting was on when I went to check it.