The New Forum beta test - complaints and suggestions


Whoa, they’re pure html5 tags? Awesome!

Full relevant details within


Always listen to the Rick Roll. It’s a celebrated rule.


[details=Extremely important information]



I have made an important forum discovery this week. The sarcastic Like.


The [details=Spoiler]This should be hidden[details] logic doesn’t work if it’s embedded in a paragraph. It does work if it’s separated by a newline.

details tag with proceeding newline

This text is hidden until you click the text.

Here’s an embedded [details=details tag embedded]This text shows up all the time in the page, but the preview makes it looks like it works.[/details] paragraph.

Mystery fucking solved on why the spoiler text sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t.


Send this bug report to




Test [spoiler]foo[/spoiler] bar. Definitely doesn’t work in the preview. Edit: Or in the actual post.

Apparently it’s an addon.


(checks RobotMitchell’s avatar)

We can have animated avatars now? Was this always a thing?


Coldguy’s recent attempt to embed a comic in TotD wound up squishing it down.

I can understand it scaling down an image if it’s too large, but this is just weird.


Looks like a bug that should be reported.


In other news, I think spoiler tags just don’t work.


does this work?


You’re doing it wrong.

They work just fine.[/details]




I’ve noticed something in Discourse. On my iPhone, if I click on a thread, and then swipe back to the forum front page, the homepage takes 3-4 seconds to load. White screen until everything comes in at once.

Tapping the GN logo to navigate directly to the homepage loads much faster, maybe 1 second. Curiously, clicking the back button also loads quickly. I observe the same behavior in other Discourses. I do not on any other site I’ve noticed, back is usually pretty much instantaneous.

I noticed it after upgrading to iOS 11, but am not positive it didn’t start before then.

Any idea what might be causing that? Should I report to Discourse?


Noticing the same delay with Safari on iPad on iOS 11.


I will try on my iPad later.


Emojis don’t always work even if they do in the preview. Literally unplayable.


I confirmed it is because you need to make sure they are surrounded by whitespace :hot_pepper: