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Which is immediately followed by this Tweet:

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That line will be so not worth it. I can feel it.


If it’s anything like the one in North Hampton it’s gonna be at least 2 months before it becomes manageable.


My friend Jay said the one in Wareham JUST went for a 3 hour nightmare to a 1.5 hour nightmare, so I’d expect even worse for Brookline.


Putting my online order to reserve my favorite edibles. After work, going to local dispensary that’s 15 mins away. As I enter, I will go to the short express online order line to bypass the long line (that normally is fast anyways), pick up my order, pay and be on my merry way!

It’s also Munchie Mondays so edibles are 10% off.

Good times.

One day, Boston will be at this level. I’m in suburb.


New Jersey has delayed its vote on legalization.


This has been known for decades and the Daily Mail is a fear-mongering right wing rag. I suppose though at least people who might not know will know to discuss it with their doctor if it may be an issue.


I… feel like you should focus on making good food good at being good (and healthy), and your drugs on being good (and safe). Sure, make some of it into candies, chocolates, treats. Not such a huge fan of drugs in a “sauce”. Maybe I know nothing.


I’d eat it just to see. But if its just CBD its kinda not that fun, or in my case effective for anything I use cannabis for.

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