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This made me want to discuss it.

Weed’s legal for recreational use in a few states now. What do you think this is going to cause? How will the Feds respond?

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Molecular Marijuana: BONG APPÉTIT (Full Episode)

MA senate put the Ass in Masshole by pushing back licensing for selling edibles and weed and shit to summer 2018.

There was consensus to “do something different in drug policy,” said Senator Angelica de la Pena Gomez, because prohibition “has generated high levels of violence, more than 100,000 deaths and the systematic violation of human rights.”

This but mostly this…

Revenue from California’s cannabis industry—with recreational weed now added to its 20-year-old medical marijuana market—is projected to reach $6.5 billion annually by 2020, from $2.8 billion in 2015, the Cannabist reports. The national market could generate $20 billion in sales by 2020, according to Arcview Group, a marijuana industry incubator. Another report, from analysts at Cowen & Co., estimated that the national cannabis industry could reach $50 billion by 2026.

So what does that December 19th legalization mean?

So, for right now it is legal to have up to I think 10 oz for personal use, grow up to 6 plants/adults (max 12/household), and give of the goodness of your heart marijuana to adults. The licensing is for selling cannabis and edibles for recreational use.

I am not a lawyer. But if gifting is allowed in MA there should be a workaround to buy and sell cannabis. Take Washington DC for example. Cannabis can be gifted but only up to an ounce. However you could gift person A an ounce and then gift person B an ounce. Then person B could gift their ounce to person A. As far as selling goes, folks in DC are getting around the non-commercial sale of cannabis by selling for example a t-shirt for $50 and gifting the cannabis with the t-shirt.

Weediquette - Half Baked

Krishna heads to Washington DC to find out how partial pot legalization works and then to Amsterdam to see how decades of weed tolerance, not full legalization, has played out.

192 arrested pot offenders in Vermont have been pardoned.

Why can’t we just treat weed the way we do alcohol? It’s not like Hearst is still around…

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I told my parents I’d build them a hydroponic potbot if they paid for parts, but they’ve yet to take me up on it.

Why not do it anyway? Or are they likely not to look after the plants.
It’s pretty cool that you can grow some plants legally.
Is it easy to find different varieties to grow?

I don’t live in MA anymore, and no one in my family smokes weed (AFAIK) so it wouldn’t do anyone much good. Plus parts are probably pretty expensive.

Use it for other herbs.

[quote=“Ikatono, post:12, topic:113, full:true”]
I don’t live in MA anymore, and no one in my family smokes weed (AFAIK) so it wouldn’t do anyone much good. Plus parts are probably pretty expensive.
[/quote]Omunita recently build a self-feeding hydroponic setup for vegetables recently, it wasn’t the cheapest thing ever, but it was relatively inexpensive. See if you can ask him for a parts list or something.

The news anchor who was in a fender bender then fired for testing positive. Could have been under the influence when she was driving. Can a urine drug screen be precise enough to know how long it’s been when a person smokes/consumes cannabis?

Not usually, which is why people do hair tests, but those tend to be way more expensive for your regular department store drug test.

Despite it being legal in MA, it’s annoying that you can’t legally buy it yet. There are a bunch of shady-esque “delivery” services that will charge you for juice bottles and give you “gifts” based on how much you tip…

Legalizing without putting the retail sales framework in place seems to do nothing but expand the black market and keep tax collection from occurring.

I just want retail edibles!