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I love snickerdoodles. Do you keep track of your dosage when you have snacks like that? So you pretty much know how many mg of THC you can handle and what not?


Perhaps “migs per kig” (mg/kg)? I’m also curious.


If Rym doesn’t die skiing, then those are going to do it for sure.


Most certainly. I mean it’s cookie that literally gives you the munchies, for more cookies that give you the munchies.


Standard dose is 10mg. Half dose is 5mg. Edibles are regulated and subdivideable into chunks of 5 or 10.

You keep exact track of how much you ate and plan accordingly.


Yeah I remember going into a store and buying these lozenges and he was joking about keeping them out of reach for when you get high and you think they’re candy. First off I’ve never been so high I forgot that the items in the box I bought contained THC. Secondly. The packaging on every edible I’ve had has been a fucking pain in the ass to get open if you don’t have a pair of scissors handy.


Definitely not as soft as Goodship Co, but really good with the CBD. And what Rym says about the dosage. 10mg is standard. The most I had in a sitting is 20mg, but 10mg is good for at least 3-5 hours.

And yes, making sure I have other snacks handy is important. Naturebox/Trader Joe’s snacks are my go-tos. And yes, the thick plastic packaging does prevent eating too much.