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Happy 5 years!


Was really happy to see some real stats, though some were also sad to see. Turns out we were largely right all along (which is no surprise at all).



NJ or NY would be a ridiculous game-changer. Their close proximity would mean that either one legalizing would put HUGE pressure on the other to quickly do the same or miss out on massive tax revenues.

MA’s set to have retail shops this coming summer, and the data from CO has been surprisingly positive. As in, legalization advocates projected various positive outcomes from a position of self-interest and ridiculous optimism… and the results so far have exceeded even those projections.

If NJ legalizes, I expect NY to have it in queue.





One of the issues were having in western Oregon is grow operations starting on a fairly hamstring budget and not factoring in security. We’ve had a string of break ins where the thieves steal a huge amount of crop. The growers have skimped on camera’s, on site security or effective access control. These growers are starting on a shoestring and putting all their “seed money” into the product and the grow part of the operation and neglecting the rest. The end result is they go bust when the product is stolen.


Better that than some other options. What I mean by that is at least they’re failing because they’re bad at some aspect of business and not like… politics or cronyism.


There is probably that as well somewhere in the whole of the state. Overall it’s a booming industry and will eventually be a huge plus for the state economy. Issues now are testing for pesticides (and pesticides) the black market (there are still people shipping legal weed out of state) and on a personally annoying level, having to smell it when people are smoking it in public at public events. If you can’t smoke a cigarette at a bar, what makes you think you can smoke weed.


Okay, now we have a problem.

Can we please wait on the doobies till AFTER the baby is out of the womb?



Might as well be legal there already, frankly.



This was on Rym’s Twitter and it deserves to be posted here.



Some sort of large festival maybe? I’m sure FISH are kicking about.


Snoop Dogg Fest 2018 would solve that surplus problem.


National legalization would eliminate this overnight, at least domestically. The only issue would be exportation, but it’s gonna be legal in Canada sooner or later, and overseas shipping is probably too dangerous.


Most stores now do same day online ordering/reservation of products. They hold until closing. Just go in and pay. Love it. Let’s me know the inventory of edibles because I’m picky.


10mg THC & 10mg of CBD. I look forward to these cookies.