The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)



Does Vegas know they have to boo the commissioner?


This fuckin’ game man! Jeeze!


The biggest possible game at the biggest possible time and they fuck up the clock. Is this esports?


Fuck yes. Fuck Vegas. Fuck the Pens. Fuck the Rags. Fuck the bolts.



Stupid sexy Ovechkin.

This may be the worst sports year for my teams and best for my hated teams in my entire life.

Good job Vegas! You booed! Bettman saida true thing. You proved you are an NHL city with that boo. I’m proud of you.




Honestly I was hoping that Devante Smith-Pelly would take the Conn Smythe. I thought he just stole the show this cup. I’m definitely happy for Ovechkin, of course, he played great, but we knew he was gonna monster it up. DSP though, just pulled it out of nowhere.


While DSP was a beast, Ovi had 15 goals in the post season. Hard to top that. Whoever scored the most goals is like, the first thing that the Conn Smythe people look at.


This was one of the best playoffs in modern hockey. The whole thing from round one onward was good god damned hockey.


I can’t emphasize enough how stupid it is of other sports to not have just one trophy. When you lift the cup, it’s the same cup that Gretzky and Howe and Orr and others have lifted. In this real world where wizards aren’t real, it’s as close as we can get to an actual magical item. Excalibur, the legendary sword that was wielded by such and such great kings of the past. It has some fucking weight. The world series trophy? They make a new one every year. Who gives a shit? Even an Olympic Gold Medal or a World Cup trophy, which are a bit more powerful, can’t compete with THE cup.

This doesn’t matter or have nearly as much meaning if TJ Ohsie plays any other sport.

If you ever create an award of any kind, especially for sports, make one and only one. Reuse it every time. It may start out lame, but so did Lord Stanley. He just bought a punch bowl at a silver shop. Over time it will become powerful.

I actually think the best example is the Diana Jones award. Just the physical nature of the award makes it a greater honor to receive it than say, a Spiel des Jahres.


Totally agree. The “individual year award” stuff, well, that’s what the championship rings are for. The single cup goes to that year’s champion, but the players/staff/etc. will get their rings to commemorate their championship year. Heck, you can even split the difference a bit like the Stanley Cup does: the bowl on top is unique (though I think it’s technically the second one as the original has been retired to the Hall of Fame), but the rings underneath with the winners’ names engraved on them get swapped out every year as they fill up, with the full rings being retired to the Hall of Fame.

Really, there is no other trophy in sports that I know of like the Stanley Cup.


I see your Stanley Cup and raise you the Davis Cup trophy:


Yes, but people have to also actually care about the competition part.


I’ve got a feeling more people care about an international competition than a single league trophy. :slight_smile:

Actually, that’s not really true. When a country is still in the tournament, that country cares a LOT. As soon as they are out, nobody cares any more. Even the players do the minimum to keep their country in contention, and many only because they have to play a certain number of Davis Cup ties to be able to enter the Olympics.


TV ratings are bullshit, but what else do I have to go on. I looked it up, and the Davis Cup is actually surprisingly close to the NHL finals in terms of viewership. I always put the Davis cup in the same bucket as the Ryder Cup in golf. A fun side event that people don’t actually care about, but will still watch because it’s still pros competing and actually trying hard to win. Apparently other countries care way more than the US does.


Welcome to all international sport.


And then Phil Pritchard writes it better.


Mistakes were made, but I’m sure Gillette paid the big money.