The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)


Nice to see someone still rocking the classic hockey look of missing teeth.


Going out on top?


"His representative wants to take advantage of Barry’s experience and Stanley Cup win and was trying to negotiate a deal that compensates him as one of the better coaches in the league, top four or five coaches,’’ MacLellan said at a news conference Monday in Arlington, Virginia. "I think the five-year term is probably a sticking point. You have a coach that’s been here four years, you do another five, that’s nine years. There’s not many coaches that have that lasting ability. It’s a long time and it’s a lot of money to be committing to a coach.’’

Dude just won the cup! Might as well straight up say “We don’t want to pay people what they’re worth”!


Trotz does indeed end up going to the Islanders. Wow.

Draft day. NYR got a lot of picks. Who knows what they’re gonna do with them?


NHL x Pokemon


I have found Australian hockey. Now Rym can move in peace :stuck_out_tongue:


Thankfully I’m pretty optimistic about the mid-term elections. So I may be able to defer a move :wink:

Meanwhile, less than a month before the good stuff.


Out of curiosity (and feel free to move this to another thread), what countries are you considering moving to should shit really hit the fan?


In rough order of preference/feasibility:

The UK (short-term if Brexit continues…)

I have real job prospects in all of these places. There is a laundry list of places that could be a shorter-term hop, but aren’t candidates for settling. (e.g., Hong Kong: I could live and work there just fine, but I worry for the future of the island politically).

Other places are probably feasible, but I haven’t done any serious research or job hunting. The above list consists of places I have a researched and plausible migration plan for.


Sure about Sweden?


All of Europe is having that problem to one degree or another…

Sweden is only higher on the list due to the ease of getting work and immigrating. Certain other European or near-European countries are not on the list because they are tipping further right faster.

Canada is only a temporary solution too. If the US is so bad that I legit tear up my passport and GTFO, then Canada is not really safe to live in either,




Well, at least things are going well in Portugal as of their last national election (their next one won’t be until next year):

FYI, the Portuguese Socialists are a Center-Left party, at least by European standards, though they often caucus with the further left Communists and Left Bloc vs. the center right Social Democrats. Oh, and no far-right parties got anything of significance.




Fake preseason hockey has begun. I’m not watching exhibition games, but I’m suddenly extra hype for real hockey. Helps a lot that the G-Men stunk up the joint again last night.


I’m glad it was the Flyers that did this so we can make fun of them for it.


Yeah, it’s not great :confused:



This is a sentence.


So waiting for it to be booed during the home opener.