The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)


What a crazy night in NY hockey.

First games after Rangers announcing they are in the tank. McD is injured, two minor league defensemen brought up. Hank not starting.

Awesome first period, Pavelec gets hurt, Hank has to come in. Called into work on your day off. He is not happy. Calgary wastes a challenge on a good goal. Later on we get a goal that may be overturnable, but they can’t challenge it. Hank makes some crazy saves, but also lets a few in. At the very end we somehow manage to have a 1 goal lead. Then Hayes, the best player tonight, goes in the box. They have their goalie out, it’s 6 on 4 for the rest of regulation. We take a long shot at the empty net, but miss. Somehow we hold on until the clock expires.

Meanwhile the Islanders are down by 3 goals against Detroit and come back to win in OT. Game includes a hat trick. Also includes a slashing penalty that gets a well deserved game misconduct and 5 minutes. They scored 3 goals during that single 5 minute power play.


Woke up and caught the tail end of Swiss vs. United Korea women’s hockey. I mean, you know it’s gonna be a blowout, but it was beyond the pale. The 8-0 score doesn’t tell the whole story. I can’t find the final shot total right now, but during the game it was single digits vs double digits, and the first of those two digits was not a 1.


That Rangers game was good hockey.


An ownership group in Seattle is making a serious bid for a team. They have filed an official application and a $10 million down payment toward the expansion fee.


Noticed during the Olympic broadcast. Roenick does have a villainous air to him…


That’s not “villainous”. That’s just being a douchebag.


No NHL means Germany can beat Sweden.



Shootout for a gold medal is not very satisfying, but I’ll take it.


Canada lost to GERMANY! OH BABY


Kind of feel sorry for the germans. Great story nonetheless but they were so close to the gold.

Meanwhile in the NHL the trade deadline is tomorrow. The big talk right now is about Ottawa as they might be moving perennial Norris favorite Erik Karlsson, though personally I think he’s the kind of guy that gets moved at the draft. That Ottawa is trying to attach Bobby Ryan and his boat anchor of a contract to any deal also makes it a bit harder on them. The fans of the Sens are hardly pleased with the entire situation, and there is a borderline revolt against their owner Eugene Melnyk in the works. Can’t really blame them either after pretty much zero financial support from that penny-pincher. Flyers played them yesterday and though the Sens team was in it for a bit, you could feel that the team is disinterested for the most part. And that a year after the team was in the conference final.

My Flyers are rather happy right now. They are a point off the division lead and on a 9-0-2 tear. 25-8-3 since an 0-5-5 stretch in November.


Bye Nasn and Grabner. We’ll miss you.


And Nash, I’ll miss Nash too.


That trade deadline.

We trade all our C’s to Tampa.

Can Tampa lose this season?

Can we win the lottery? Bring yet another Swedish King to NYC?


Red Wings / Rangers was a good game last night.

Red Wings are excited that they’re “within striking distance of the last wildcard spot” now that they seem to be doing better than the Rangers. :wink:






Welcome to the KHL, where Putin is rigging the entire league for his favorite team.


How did Russia get this culture of corruption and cheating throughout it’s society in the first place? It seems to go back to the Czars or even earlier.