The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)


These are 9 year old kids in Russia training.


Goalies getting owned.



Not even one game suspension for this. Kinda fucked up.


I have absolutely zero faith in the NHL’s DoPS, and that basically since it came to be. It continuously makes arbitrary decisions and judges events based on outcomes rather than the decisions and actions by the players, i.e. giving harsher punishments for similar actions if they resulted in injury instead vs. when they they didn’t.

I have three core examples for this.

1 The first is this hit by Tom Wilson on Brayden Schenn. To me this is textbook charging and boarding. Many people are excusing this hit due to Schenn’s slight turn right before impact “making things worse” but that doesn’t negate the fact that regardless of Schenn’s body position, this hit is made with way too much velocity and straight into the boards from an unsafe distance. The DoPS did not suspend Wilson. They did release a video on the incident however and made things far worse with it. The video includes really weak excuses for not using discipline and includes a ridiculous red herring with the explanation of forchecking as if it has any bearing on Wilson’s actions. In fact a lot of people have used that video to proclaim that the hit was not a penalty at all because the wording is so muddled.

2 During game 3 of the Flyers-Penguins series in 2012, James Neal delivers a jumping head hit at Sean Couturier, who didn’t even have the puck. Neal was not penalized. Neal continues to play and his very next action in the game is to take a run at Claude Giroux, again with head contact. Neal was suspended for one game for the hit on Giroux and received NOTHING for the hit on Couturier. In the video released on the matter, the DoPS in fact says that it accepts Neals excuse for the Couturier hit and never mentions it again, even though his reckless, suspension-worthy play only moments later pretty much illustrates that Neal is full of shit.

Now here is where it gets even more ridiculous. A week after these incidents, Raffi Torres takes a run at Marian Hossa. For ease I am going to link only the suspension video. To me this hit and the hit by Neal on Couturier are almost identical, or at least as close situations as you can get in the NHL. Torres received 25 games (later reduced to 21 games), one of the longest suspensions ever for that hit. Now Torres is a gigantic asshat with a list of offenses as long as my arm, but Neal is also not a blank piece of paper in that regard either, and definitely not the point where one hit receives 25 games and the other 0. The only difference is that Hossa was carried off the ice on a stretcher while Couturier was able to continue playing.

3 Early in the 2015-16 season Dustin Brown lunged at Logan Couture, headbutting him in the process. Brown is a repeat offender but was neither penalized nor received additional discipline, even though this hit is four penalties at once, all of which have been used as reasons for suspensions before:

  1. Headbutting, as Brown hits him with he head first.
  2. Interference, as Brown only begins his hit after Couture passed the puck
  3. Charging, as Brown leaps to make the hit
  4. An illegal check to the head, as initial contact was with Couture head.


In better news, Flyers are now in a playoff position thanks to this amazing effort by Travis Konecny in OT.

Also Ivan Provorov laid out Wilson today, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Watching highlights from the Flyers game in Detroit. Sheesh, that barn is empty.


Wes strikes again. Best ref in all of sports?


Not sure if you are going to count it as a “sport”, but Red Shoes Unno has that top spot on lock.

Wes McCauley is a delight though.


I mean, far as I’m concerned, it’s definitely a sport, it’s just not the best game you can name.


I think the key difference here is that in pro wrestling a ref is either invisible or is supposed to be a performer. In pro sports a ref is supposed to be a neutral arbiter who is actually judging the game, and not part of the entertainment in any way. A pro wrestling ref is almost certainly a better entertainer than a real ref, but they are supposed to be. This is why any entertainment derived from a real ref is particularly notable.


Our team is gettin’ blowed up real good.

I just hope they keep Kreider for the sake of my Jersey.


Yeah, I saw that. This is why you get un-blow-up-able jerseys. I wear my Swedish Olympic Henke jersey to my Rangers games


I also have a Swedish WCOH Hank Jersey that will last forever. Kreider had a super long contract, though! Got renewed for 4 years.


Right on. :fist_right::fist_left:

And yeah, if I was gonna do some red and blue, you can do worse than Kreider. Do they still sell rangers Great One jerseys? That’d be another way to sport the colours.


I mean, you can get whatever Jersey you want. Used and old. Bootleg. Get some letters sewn on. The sky is the limit. It’s only a concern for ones you already own.


Sewing letters sounds like work, and like something I’m likely to screw up.


You pay professionals to do it…

In NY we have Gerry Cosby’s. The store used to be physically inside MSG, but now it’s across the street.


Not sure why that didn’t cross my mind… All of a sudden I see a rangers Jersey I don’t have that I want.


Here is your Olympic Hockey schedule: