The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)


“The Mighty Ducks” is 25 years old today.

Also, regular season starts on Wednesday. Woohoo.


For us, tomorrow! For others, tonight!


Flyers looked good against the Shark. Huge improvement on the bottom six. Still needs to get rid of chumps like McDonald and Weise. Kind of annoyed that McDonald and Manning get to play while Morin and Sanheim have to sit in the press box. Still, a win is a win and Simmer scored a hat trick.


If you’re in the Boston area, BC women’s hockey games are free during the regular season.

Also UNH broadcasts at least some of it’s games with some pretty good production values on their YouTube channel

As does RPI

Here’s high school hockey with remarkably good production

And most remarkably, here is a channel for Italian inline hockey

And I found all this with the most casual of YouTube searching. I’m sure there’s more out there that isn’t just one shaky hard cam, but that is most of the hockey on YouTube. I’m not even counting bootleg uploads of stuff.


Flyers a looking good. Absolutely bodies both the Caps and the Panthers. Could be 5-1-0 if they just hadn’t completely fucked up the end against the Predators. Big transformation from last year, just hope they keep it up.

Also saw the ending of the Penguins-Rangers game. Just wow. That was attrocious.


Yeah, we suck. All my teams be suckin’. Guess '17-'18 will have less sports and more geekery.


The worst part is that the Rangers are playing great hockey. It’s not like they’re just sucking.

They’re losing games, but they look great doing it. The offence is better than last year, the power play is actually real.

So they’ll have minutes and minutes of pressure and strong offence… and then fuck it up and give up a goal and lose the game.

Great play + devastating single mistakes.


There are moments of great play, for sure. They are still professional hockey players. But a hockey game is 3 periods long. The rest of the time when they aren’t playing great, they are making the kind of mistakes you would expect in high school. Just look at the goals against us last night and see how many were because of a Ranger just doing something really stupid vs. the ones scored because the Penguins used their amazing skills.


Roll tanks roll for four minutes, but then ignore the lone infantry right behind your base.



Watched Goon: Last of the Enforcers tonight. It’s pretty good, nothing you need to go out of your way to see but a decent follow up to the original (which was an instant cult classic).


There was a group of 100+ fans at the Islanders game last night dressed as referees and cheering offside calls etc.



A roller coaster of despair and elation.


I’m still thinking about this stupid goal from last week.


It’s happening! 2020





Illegal hand pass?



My girlfriend still spits when she says that man’s name…