The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)


Who will Lundqvist speak Swedish with on the team?


Vegas actually took Piere-Eduourd Bellemare, a replacement level 4th line center, instead of Michael Raffl, a versatile player you use play in actually any forward position and has a pretty decent contract. And unlike other teams the Flyers didn’t have to use assets to incentivize such a pick (at least what has been reported so far). Except for the Knights taking Andrew MacDonald off our hands this is pretty much the best case scenario. Sorry for Pebbles who I like as a person but unfortunately doesn’t bring enough to the table as a player.

Also, they gave the Hart and Lindsay Trophy to Connor McDavid. Very deserved but kind of surprised that the results were so clear. McDavid had 10 times the first place votes for the Hart that Crosby did.


Well, you can watch exceptional swedish forward Oskar Lindb*** in a Flyers uniform next year :stuck_out_tongue:


Lots of crazyness up to the draft. Among others the Rangers have sent Anti Raanta and Derek Stepan to the Coyotes for Anthony DeAngelo and the 7th overall pick. Chicago has also been wheeling and dealing with Sending Hjalmarson to the Coyotes for defenseman Connor Murphy and center Laurent Dauphin and reacquiring Saad from the Jackets in exchange for Panarin with other assets on both sides. Also Oshie resigned for 8 years in Washington.


We are not happy because we found out DeAngelo is like some huge scumbag.


And with the 24th overall pick, the New York Rangers pick Hugh Jessiman, which is odd because they already picked him 7th overall.


Oshie at eight years!


He won’t last that long. Prepare for the cap hit a few years down the road.


And Nolan Patrick is officially a Flyer. Fuck yeah!

I sleep now.


And we are back up on our Swede quota.



Spoiler: just watch this video and you don’t have to read/skim through the entire article.


We’re keeping DJ Z-BAD!

Also, buying my tickets tomorrow at 9AM.

Post-PAX depression gonna be cured by that ice hockey fever.


Handegg tonight. Puck isn’t too far behind.


Maybe we should call it Brain Scamble Egg.


Privately financed is good!


Whoa, this buried lede:

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and the Oak View Group (OVG) have a formal agreement to build a $600 million privately financed arena at Seattle Center, with tens of millions more in transportation mitigation.
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was expected to make a formal announcement at the KeyArena site in Seattle Center during a press conference Tuesday morning. That event was canceled just moments after a story broke that claimed Murray molested his cousin in the 1970s. This was the latest accuser to come forward in the child sex scandal involving Murray. He later announced his resignation from office effective 5 p.m. Wednesday.


As soon as I leave town, that’s when things decide to get real.


Some bullshit


NBC punishing the NHL for hurting their Olympics. Good.