The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)


Ovi is going to skip the All-Star game so he can rest and do his best in the second half of the season. Doing so will probably earn him a 1 game suspension, he can use that to rest an extra day.


Great incentives there.


This has been a trying season for my team, but at least they’re not the only ones who are struggling and they have the cap space and assets to dig themselves out of it.

Far worse are faring the Edmonton Oilers, who have a roster filled with crap, no cap space and few prospects while having traded a number of excellent players for far worse returns in the last few years. Unsurprisingly their general Manager, Peter Chiarelli, just got axed.



Gritty remakes, 2019 edition:



Double OT Goalie-goal in junior B. Goalie also recorded a shutout.

Before you ask, the other team apparently had the goalie pulled because they needed 2 points to make the playoffs.