The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)


I doubt that even the Rangers want to go.


The truth of your statement is too strong for me to have any wittier response than this one.


I’d normally say sure but I’m typing this on my phone on my way back from JFK. I imagine I’m just gonna wanna sleep tomorrow.


Just saw the best chart on The Athletic.

It’s shots for and shots against per 60 minutes so far this season.


Holy fuck this goal.

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Had to update link again.


The bruins being slightly dull but slightly good is the most truthful thing ever.


Wow, that’s a, that’s a hell of a goal. Childhood friend was a goalie and he got SO MAD whenever he wasn’t even close to a save. He didn’t talk to me for a week when I got him in the five hole during practice.



It should also erase any claim that election to the Hockey Hall of Fame is a merit contest.


So how long does this last before the Rangers ranger?

Also, regarding the Penguins.



I would like to get off of Hak & Hex wild ride. Our goaltending this year is a mess, somehow all of our defensemen have regressed, our PK is as bad as last year and they changed nothing about it since then, and our offense is good but is also liable to not show up. Somethings gotta change, and soon.



Seattle’s officially getting an expansion team. They start playing in 2021.




There are now two NHL teams without mascots.


Prediction for Seattle nhl mascot: a flying fish


Hi-viz-yellow Gritty.


Call them the Seahawks.


Some names that were thrown around:

  • Seattle Totems, which is the name of an old team. The name is currently used by a junior team.
  • Seattle Metroplitans, the name of an even older team, the very first american team to win the Stanley Cup in 1917
  • Seattle Kraken


Yeah, let’s not add another problematic and appropriative team name/logo to US pro sports. The Blackhawks are already at the line, and the Redskins are waaaaaaay past it. (The Cleveland Indians are yet a whole new line of awful).

Yes, it could be done tastefully, with respect and consent of the local tribes.
No, I don’t believe we as a society are capable of doing this as stated above.