The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)


Do I post this in hockey or biking? OH NO

Madison Square Garden Zamboni driver rides this bike to work every day.

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The Rangers’ mascot is just the GDP of New York City.


Nothing but respect for MY mascot







Gritty is the Wario to Slenderman’s Luigi.


Avalance should wear Nordiques throwbacks.



And now IRL.

As weird and unsettling as Gritty is, you can’t deny that they took the ball and ran with it. Very succcessful PR campaign they are running with this mascot.


Well, Tom Wilson is still an absolute waste of space.


Repeat offender. Going down hard.


Hockey started yesterday, but Rangers hockey starts tonight!


I’ll admit, I’ve never been a huge hockey fan before. If anything, growing up in Albany, NY, I was more of an AHL fan, with the Albany River Rats, an affiliate of the NJ Devils, than an NHL fan. I never was a fan of the Rangers or Islanders.

Now that I’m living in Washington DC, I’ve taken a minor interest in the NHL and the Washington Capitals. Capitals games are a blast to go to, the atmosphere is great, and it certainly helps that they won the Stanley Cup last season. I have no real interest in football, and even if I did, I could never root for the Washington Racial Epithets (otherwise known as the Redskins), and as a Mets fan still, I can never really root for the Nationals.

That being said, Tom wilson is a POS and I’m glad he was suspended for 20 games. That kind of checking has no place in hockey, and even me, with barely any knowledge of the Capitals players, knows he has a reputation for these kind of hits.





I caught the start of the opening game last night on the cruise ship sports channel. I couldn’t be bothered to watch the actual game, but I very much enjoyed the montage of all the hijinks with the Stanley Cup during the off season.



This may be the only time in my life that I say this.

Good work Philly.


Anyone in range of NYC want to go to MSG tomorrow night?