Steven Universe


I’m pretty sure the show will go there at some point. It’s a perfect side-quest episode to break up the tension.


A week of new episodes on July 2.


This new Steven Bomb has been pretty good so far.

I just really really really wish we diddn’t get like 5 episodes a year.


I’d be happy with an episode a month at this point. In any case I’m so happy I can watch some more SU this week.


Of all the lines in all the shows to make me crack up laughing, I couldn’t help it at “hey. It’s me. I’m a horse”. I don’t know what it is about that line, but it just got me.

The super mildest vague spoilers I guess?

Steven being so intensely into wedding planning and having been so for his whole life to this point is precious and perfect for him and I love it so much.



Announced at Comic-Con: Steven Universe: The Movie!


A new episode is up now on the website. Who knows how long it’ll be before it airs on TV.


I just got a lipstick called Gemz and Roses and I wonder if they meant to make that allusion.



Fukin finally, jesus.


There will also be five original songs throughout the arc.