Steven Universe


I’m pretty sure the show will go there at some point. It’s a perfect side-quest episode to break up the tension.


A week of new episodes on July 2.


This new Steven Bomb has been pretty good so far.

I just really really really wish we diddn’t get like 5 episodes a year.


I’d be happy with an episode a month at this point. In any case I’m so happy I can watch some more SU this week.


Of all the lines in all the shows to make me crack up laughing, I couldn’t help it at “hey. It’s me. I’m a horse”. I don’t know what it is about that line, but it just got me.

The super mildest vague spoilers I guess?

Steven being so intensely into wedding planning and having been so for his whole life to this point is precious and perfect for him and I love it so much.



Announced at Comic-Con: Steven Universe: The Movie!


A new episode is up now on the website. Who knows how long it’ll be before it airs on TV.


I just got a lipstick called Gemz and Roses and I wonder if they meant to make that allusion.



Fukin finally, jesus.


There will also be five original songs throughout the arc.


Your reminder that new episodes start tonight.


It’s finally here lol.

I can’t wait for, in a few years once the season is over, some kind of behind the scenes expose that reveals what the holy fuck was going on to cause these massive hiatuses.


As if I needed another reason to love this show. I never noticed this consciously, but sub consciously I knew this instinctively.


“Rebecca Sugar, you can’t make it gayer!”
“…okay, but how about if I do make it gayer?”
“…fine, go ahead and make it gayer, but only this time!”

Repeat this conversation ad nauseum.


That finale was beautiful.


Waiting for it to pop up on Amazon.


It’s been there all day. If you bought the season, you should have it. Enjoy.