Steven Universe

An entire week’s worth of episodes is scheduled on premiere on CN on January 30, but they’ve all been uploaded now on their video app. Just click the “Full Episodes” tab.

EDIT: CN has taken them down except for “Steven’s Dream.” (Turns out they were uploaded by accident.) Also, you need a cable login to view full episodes.


All I’m getting are two minute teasers.

Are you logged in with your cable provider? You can’t watch the full episodes until you’ve done that.

Tried but I guess the Time Warner Cable buyout by Spectrum hasn’t been fully integrated yet. No worries, I SHALL LOOK ELSEWHERE!

EDIT: Found 'em!

Thanks for the link! Will be sure to buy the episodes on iTunes when they come out eventually, but for now I can’t wait so I just watched them all~ :eyes:

SpoilersSooooo. How 'bout dat Blue Diamond? 😀✨ Matsumoto much?

Also: the Famethyst. I will need more of them in the future. Much more.

Also also: I knew they hired Patti LuPone for a reason and I was not disappointed. :ok_hand:

[details=Spoilers]Matsumoto Diamond is awesome and Estelle did a great voice for her.
Famethyst DEFINITELY needs more appearances.
I have MANY thoughts about the humans and their… habitat. It’s kinda sad that they’re basically, well, kids. Living in a paradise-like KINDERGARTEN.

Spoilers Looks like Blue Diamond's voice actress is Lisa Hannigan now! A quick Google reveals she's an Irish singer/songwriter. Crossing fingers for Blue Diamond song later in the series? 😀

Yeah, The Zoo was a really interesting episode! I really liked the inhabitants and their carefree, childlike personalities. Really curious to see what will become of them now that they have been introduced to the concepts of pain and “choosening” for oneself. Probably wouldn’t be too much of a leap to go from that to questioning other aspects of how they live. Zoo rebellion maybe?

Also, I’ve seen others point out that there’s a shot of the inhabitants’ grasping hands that strongly resembles the grasping hands on the mural in the Pyramid Temple. Not sure what that means yet other than that the zoo was foreshadowed, but regardless it seems noteworthy.

The 5 extra episodes were damn good. The monologue in “Steven’s Dream” made me go “Has Rebecca Sugar been playing Dark Souls?”

The show is moving to a new date and time starting next week: Fridays at 7PM.

I still can’t believe the people who watch this show on the bootleg pirate shitsites.

I spent some time checking them all out. Every single one had egregious quality issues. Most common:

  1. Desynced audio
  2. Mono audio mix
  3. Generally fucked up audio (weird panning, sibilance, clipping, distortion
  4. Zoomed/cropped video
  5. Chroma shifts
  6. Compression artifacts

I can’t imagine watching a show I actually like with these awful sources.

Ughggh when is season 3 going to be on Hulu damn it.

Just buy it on Amazon like an adult. :wink:


Or let a parent or guardian give you access through their cable provider and watch the show on the Cartoon Network website.

My mom was watching figure skating on tv and this happened lol.

Tomorrow’s SU is going to get…bloody.

I wish Amazon would tell you “hey this season is over, go buy the new season!”. I recently bought Season 6 and have to catch up!

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LOL! Silly Amazon.
The show is only up to season 4 right now.

Better than pirating and having to rely on cable.