Steven Universe



Hulu Support says new episodes are slated for April.





I don’t watch SU enough to follow the plot because I only watch it when I’m in the living room with my mom, but we just got to this episode and I remembered a meme I saw on Twitter I finally understood.


“Last One Out of Beach City” is definitely one of my favorites. It reminds me of a movie but for the life of me I don’t know what movie.


It’s kinda vaguely every “teens have to get to the party” movie, pastiched with some 00’s indie stuff.


So how about that new episode, huh?


I’m just gonna go sit over here and fucking scream my lungs raw.

(That said, I fucking called that like three seasons ago)


I’m going to rewatch the series now with this episode in mind, holy shit.


Did the rebellion start before this? So like was pink diamond fighting herself? OR DID SHE KILL THE ORIGINAL ROSE QUARTZ??? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

spoilllz of war

I feel like PD went undercover as RQ to explore and spread her ideas. Then when the right moment came she intiated the rebellion with the Pearl “assassination” and fought the rest away. If I recall, our Garnet wasn’t a thing until after Blue had come to Earth in response to Pink getting offed.


I was thinking the same thing.


I’m only halfway through catching up on the last 6. Who the fuck owns the big donut?


Wow. Well that changed some things.


Yellow Diamond?


Seriously though how is no one pissed that there’s nobody working there. Also Garnet just worked a half day and left. Didn’t even lock up.


Maybe it’s like a subway franchise. Until renewal comes up, no one even notices? Dead guy’s bank account pays the franchise fees?


The fact they have training videos seems to suggest that at least more than one exists. That and it was mentioned specifically that they get donuts from some bake center in another town.

So yeah, maybe they do so little sales volume that just no-one seems to know what goes on.


Well, I mean, Dewey took over working there.


The mystery is deep.