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15 character smack

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So I downloaded all of Code Lyoko. It sort of holds up…kind of. So far it goes from good to laughably bad at the drop of a hat, mostly due to bad dubbing. I can’t believe I never picked up that this was dubbed as a kid. The original is french.

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That is a name I’ve not heard in a long time. I remember it having an excellent theme song right up until the human singing it opened his mouth. I remember not really understanding the show. That’s about it.

I will agree that the theme song, while catchy, is hilariously corny and bad.

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I dropped Code Lyoko after two episodes. The show is that bad.

I do not disagree, again, nostalgia goggles.

Adult Swim has released two new Samurai Jack teasers today.

The full trailer is out!

Will Jack actually defeat Aku! Was it all a dream? Will Aku send Jack through another portal? Will the God’s intervene?

Will Will.I.Am return to remake the theme? Will Greg Baldwin replace the voice of Aku, like he did for Iroh in Avatar?

RIP Mako Iwamatsu

I’m pretty excited for it, I’m also hoping that Adult Swim can pick up Sym-Bionic Titan

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I loved Sym-Bionic Titan when it was on TV and was really bummed that it only got one season.

I’d love to see that as well. Unfortunately, Cartoon Network wrote off the show for tax purposes, so they can’t broadcast it. Adult Swim would have to pay a lot of money just to rescue the old episodes before they can produce a new season.


I guess Jack has moved right up to the top of my queue. I never saw all of the original episodes. Yet, I saw episode 5 many times. It’s a masterpiece.

The animation here is a master class in and of itself.


There are so many good episodes!

Jack and the Monks
Jack’s Sandals
Chicken Jack
Young Jack in Africa

I will never forget that episode. I’ve gotta make it a subject of an episode of Behind the Screen eventually.

I’m a bit apprehensive about the new season and the darker direction it seems to be taking. If it’s just human blood with the robot blood then I’m down but if the show is as a whole darker I may hold off. My excitement was already tempered a bit when I saw Jack with guns.

Best episode: The Tale of X-9