Steven Universe


The official OST will be released June 2.


Fucking finally.




Well, that was… something.

Context: All of next week’s episodes of Steven Universe were put out on the Cartoon Network app and are watchable if you login with your cable provider’s credentials.


Damnit I don’t see them on the cartoon network site, even if I do log in with my parent’s cable (good for something)


Only on the app.

Also on DailyMotion. XD


Watching the new StevenBomb, we can tell one thing.

The storyboarders were very inspired by Cats Don’t Dance that month.


I really, really hate Reynaldo.
A lot.
Really. Like, a lot a lot.


Yes Miss Dimple.


An entire hour’s worth of episodes (read: 4 episodes) will air in a row on May 29 at 7PM.

The first episode is available early on CN Video.


Last week: Things are happening! Not as amazing as the last bomb, but Sadie and Lars.


Major things happened with the 1 hour special. Especially more Lars development and us finally knowing what is up with Lion now.

The new Gems in the special are great too.


Finally got around to getting caught up on the latest episodes.


The trial verified my long held belief about Rose not being the one to shatter Pink Diamond. Pink Diamond’s assassination was more than likely orchestrated by her own sister. Eyeball has either been lying this whole time or was somehow tricked herself. I would not be surprised if Pink Diamond was going to call a truce to the war or just leave the earth and go somewhere else. This infuriated Yellow Diamond and she set out to have her sister shattered and have Rose take the blame.


CN has debuted an official podcast on iTunes.


New link, they’re taking them down.


Okay, so Lars is Harlock now?


Just caught up on this last night. Holy shit. Why is this children’s cartoon better than most other TV shows?


SU strikes me as ‘for children’ the way disney and pixar animated features are ‘for children’. Nominally they certainly are, but there’s a lot in there that will go over a lot of kids’ heads and that’s fine.

Like when buzz ‘files’ at the end of toy story. My kid brain was like, “that flying was so cool” whereas my adult brain recognized that this was buzz accepting that woody was right and that he was a toy.



The latest SU Podcast revealed that season 6 has been greenlit, and it will be 32 episodes.