Star Wars: The Disney Era


Yes, but it moved to May.


Rogue One was delayed from May to Dec.


According to a local news story, there MIGHT be some Star Wars shot near my town! Spoiler alert: an upcoming Star War might include the exotic location of rolling green hills and horse farms.

Edit to remove link to fake article.


I’m on my phone, so I can’t post the links, but this is a common fake news article that’s been circulating with different towns and different nonexistent news channels. Kprk6 is not an actual news channel.

Insert random town here:


Ah dang, well it looks like they got me! I need to step up my Interneting.


Han Solo is in trouble.

All I gotta say is if this isn’t the theme song, they’re doing it wrong.


Uh, had a slight weapons malfunction. But, uh, everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?


Not exactly related, but it’s never a good sign when people are more excited about who was cast as Lando, than who was playing Han.


Why? Lando is Freaking awesome :slight_smile: Space capes for the win!



The Auralnauts continue to crush it. The new fictional fight commentaries are a great way to go for more content. So many choice fights to choose from.


J.J. is back on the Star Wars train.


And 7 months delay until Dec 2019. I’m fine with it.


I’m fine with J.J. Abrams back on Star Wars, but part of me was secretly hoping that Brad Bird would direct Episode IX.


How about having a not-white and/or not-dude direct it?


Any specific people you had in mind? Just curious who you think might be a good director for Episode IX.


I enjoyed the spit out of Wonder Woman, I say give Patty Jenkins a Star War!


Oh definitely!

/15 characters


That with Margaret Sixel as editor would be a dream team.


Tickets on sale today and new trailer during Monday Night Football. FYI.