Star Wars: The Disney Era



The title of the Han Solo movie is…

Solo: A Star Wars Story

So creative. Wow.


I was really hoping for:

Check Out These Pants! A Star Wars Origin Story


I was hoping for Star Wars Episode III.V: The Kessel Run


Do we even know what Han and Chewie were doing when they made the Kessel Run in record time? Smuggling something probably, but what? I honestly don’t know.

Also, Episode 3.5 in Roman numerals looks weird…


Presumably The Spice, which, although not Dune’s spice, is a drug that’s produced on Kessel, at least according to old EU lore.


That makes sense, but I was never clear if the Kessel Run was TO Kessel or FROM Kessel.



Ah, so it’s actually FROM Kessel. Thanks!


Decimal roman numerals is something I’ve never read about before, but I think it needs to be consistent with the numerals as we already know them.

The current numerals go IVXLCDM. That’s the increase from 1 up. But what about 1 down? I say we go with vxlcdm… except that one fiftieth “l” looks just like one “I”. So instead we can just go with k because it’s next to l on the keyboard and isn’t already used. But then sometimes roman numerals are in small letters not capitals…

w = 0.5
z = 0.1
k = 0.05
h = 0.001
e = 0.005
n = 0.0001

Rogue One is already just before Episode IV so that can be Episode zIV.

Solo will be set before that, but we need to leave room for movies just after Episode III, so half way is a good fit. It’ll be Episode wIV or, if you’d like, Episode IIIw.

If a movie comes out set between Solo and Rogue One, it’ll have to be Episode zzIV or Episode wzzIV.


And the winner for today’s post that best exemplifies the spirit of the GeekNights forums goes to…


I just looked it up. Turns out S is for half, like for “semi” and then they used dots to represent further divisions into twelve. The dots are arranged in lines or like the dots on dice. Roman numerals are even more fucked up than I thought.

3.5 is just IIIS

Rogue One would be IIIS…

I can’t use punctuation at the end of these numbers because then it would be too confusing.


Anything more than three dots would be really hard because you would keep losing track of which dot you were on, unless you literally used your finger or something.


Well yeah it’s hard. That’s why they arranged the dots into more readable configurations.

⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅


Ah, that makes much more sense.


In high school calculus, our teacher made us do a complete aside around Roman maths. It was harder for me than any of the actual calculus.


TIL there was a Pope Lando in the 10th century.

Wait a minute, I know that guy!



What if Darth Vader still sounded like Hayden Christensen?


Colin Furze built a full-scale TIE fighter AND a functioning BB-8!


Before you head out to see The Last Jedi, check out this Special Edition of the Holiday Special.
And yes, I mean “Special Edition” as in this fan went to the trouble of adding CGI and giving it the full George Lucas treatment. This is probably the best version of the special you’ll see. (Enjoy it before Disney yanks it.)