Star Wars: The Disney Era


Old Republic movies maybe?


Depends on your definition of “Old Republic”. These Houses have existing for about 25,000 years and survived the Empire.


I agree.


Counterpoint: R rating didn’t stop anyone in my peer group from seeing Robocop et al. as kids.

Counter-counterpoint: it DID stop the kids in religious families from seeing them, leading to those kids being moderately socially outcast for not having seen Robocop et al.


No, I meant in general that the same strengths that they bring to Game of Thrones would translate pretty well into an Old Republic setting with the various noble houses and whatnot.


They can organize the circus that is running a show, the trick will be making sure it doesn’t devolve into gratuitous shock value. I’m not sure anyone want a scene where a Hutt has their topless dancing girl through into a pit of spikes and then seeing that rotting corpse later.


An R rated star wars property would be as bad for star wars as Deadpool has been to superhero stuff. I.E. No problem, the more the merrier, if it’s good no one will care.


Star Wars already has enough violence. I mean, limbs getting chopped off and shit.

If they want to add sex to Star Wars I better see some wookie sex and some mon calamari sex. I can see human sex just about anywhere else. Don’t miss the opportunity.


Back in the 80s-90s, theaters often let kids (within reason) go to R rated movies regardless of if they had a parent. That seems to definitely not be the case these days.

Conversely, theaters are less important to movie audience (especially kids) these days. If they don’t see it in the theater, they’ll see it on streaming (with or without parental permission).

I don’t get the impression that the younger kids today care about seeing Star Wars “in the theater” like we do.


All the more reason we shouldn’t put any barriers up. The Star Wars must be passed on to the future generations, and we may not be doing a good enough job of this.


When I went to see The Last Jedi last year, while I was sitting on my chair and waiting for the movie, or even trailers to start, I looked at people pouring in and noted the large amount of kids in the audience. I even thought back to them in few more heavy handed moments of the movie “this movie is for them, this is fine”.


What about Deadpool was bad for superhero movies?


Nothing that was the point :-p


Oops, reading comprehension failure on my part.


The guys who make Game of Thrones are really bad. The latest seasons, without the much more well-structured narrative of the books, have been really only propped up by good actors and a high budget.

So I have no interest in their work in anything, let alone Star Wars.



God that would have been so much better.


In my re-scripted edits of episodes two and three, the jealousy of Anakin towards Kenobi is a big part of his turn to the dark side, and Anakin suspecting Padme had feelings for Kenobi involved.

However I only ever released the episode one edit, and those other two movies are sitting half done on a hard drive in my cupboard.


Huge improvement to the trailer


Almost literally this: