Show Ideas and Reminders

Monday tech show idea.

STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) standards.

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This book was reviewed recently on a fantasy blog and I had to share it for Book Club.

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Keyforge. And presumably, the unique deck/board game mechanic.

The omega episode of GeekNights is going to be October 31, 2036. The 31st, and golden, birthday of the show.


Here’s the link to the episode.



Show idea: take your “review anime by it’s cover” concept and apply it to random Kickstarter projects. Just open the site and grab some of the trending / promoted projects and maybe some stinkers with only a few backers. Evaluate the usefulness of the “product” proposed, judge the ability to execute of the project owner, what would you do differently, and of course rate the quality of the pitch they have produced (especially the video).

This is a very repeatable show you can mix in when you can’t come up with other ideas, and if you limit the projects to “tech” then can be a reliable Monday show to mix in with tech news roundups.


Not a bad idea at all!

Reminds me of Retsupre’s Kickstarter Nonstarters/Dahir Inshat pitch breakdowns, but fuck it, they don’t do those anymore so whatevs.

Video not an actual kickstarter nonstarter, I just find it funny.

Interview some speedrunner.

Get interviewed by a speedrunner, extremely quickly.


Interviews with speedrunners are boring, because they skip over the dialog to save frames.


They also always only say the first thing that comes to mind. They don’t even stop to think before they answer.

But Scott is already on the show?

Just a few ideas.

  • Specialty Appliances vs. Convenience Appliances (for example, rice cooker vs toaster)
  • Remix vs. cover
  • Game Jams
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Oh, meant to include this too as it’s startling, and sad, how apt this book is for our modern political landscape.

  • Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler

Long term support.
What do you have to do differently to design computer systems to last 50 years? Does anyone one do it well? I bet you have good horror stories of when it is done badly.

I help design HVAC systems for buildings, and the mechanical equipment can last 50 years, but the controls don’t. Pneumatic did with good maintenance. Even though they can do so much more, we’re starting to see the first round of computer control systems need replacement after 10 or 20 years. One of the problems is updates to java :frowning: would break the controls. We don’t let anyone use that brand anymore :slight_smile:


AMD had to manufacture a new batch of 486 processors a while back for aerospace something or other.

People took things seriously at one point. Now we’re sending up planes with “optional packages” and features that can be enabled in software if you pay for, and if you don’t it that might crash the planes… so… there’s that…

A show about localization in anime and video games.

You should absolutely do a show about how DOOM was made. Alternatively talk about ID software and how it influenced games + the game designer as aueter


Interview Alec, the Technology Connector!