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Bitcoin and crypto currency. But mostly Bitcoin. What’s the deal? What do you think about it?


It’s a ponzi scheme. Used only for crime and money laundering. Avoid like the plague.




I thought for sure there was a show about conspiracy theories. But search seems to not show any. Maybe from Rym talking up chemtrails so often.

Anyway, conspiracy theories? In general or a particular one.


They’re all nonsense. The end.


They’re not. Even if that was literally true, there’s nothing interesting to say about them?


Thats not a conspiracy theory. That’s a conspiracy.


Radio (Commercial radio, radio technology, etc.)
Playing cards/Card games




Avatar the Last Airbender.

Re-watching with my boys, what an amazing show.


Oh hey, I also rewatched it over the last couple weeks. I tried getting into Korra for like the 4th time and couldn’t, so I decided to see if the original actually held up. Holy shit it sure does.

I think my main issue is that the characters are what I really like about the show, so making a show with different characters in the same universe didn’t do much for me.


The latest episode of Extra Sci Fi covered Lord Dunsany, who is considered the father of modern fantasy and mythos. Immediately after, EC’s James Portnow announced that he had compiled an annotated edition of Dunsany’s short stories, titled A Dreamer’s Tales, which is available on Amazon.

I think this could make for a good book club episode.


Doctor Who, especially with the Twitch stream running at


Mob Psycho 100 review