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Older/Obsolete Media: VHS/Laserdisc/8mm

Henshin Engine
Game Boy

Macross (1982)

Dewey Decimal System

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Our best Thursday idea still requires work, but it’ll be a “Best TotD Showdown” where Scott and I each pick our top 20 things of the day from past episodes. They have to be things we ourselves posted as a TotD.


Wednesday show idea. Watching Anime Before High Speed Internet. Bullet points to hit on. Video rentals through Blockbuster and the like. Fansubs trading. Downloading Anime from IRC / Newsgroups. Etc


Thursday show idea. The Sharing Economy: Past, Present and Future.


Do a video game book club, Night in the Woods. Take 6 hours or so to play it, we need to analyze some fuckin’ themes.


There is one already called 8bit book club, sadly they are focusing on bad video game book adaptations.


Have you guys done an episode on Betrayal at House on the Hill? Couldn’t find one in the archive.


I can’t even get Scott to play Undertale or Overwatch.


I mean, if you want to play it in the next two days, some (all?) of the three people that made it are going to be at PAX. Do a Rymily review!

The fact that Scott won’t even play Overwatch, which seems like a peak Scott game, is a sign of our dark times.


[quote=“pence, post:10, topic:40”]
The fact that Scott won’t even play Overwatch, which seems like a peak Scott game, is a sign of our dark times.
[/quote]Turns out Scott never actually wanted that successor to his golden era.


How about a show on grooming? Products and practices. I recall some older shows about individual subjects like shaving; but I’m especially curious how Rym keeps his man-hair in such good order.


Review Get Out

#15characters ⊙﹏⊙


Go to and just review the great demographics that Twitter can share with you.

Did you know? Audience insights report that my organic audience’s consumer goods purchases are Milk 56%, followed by Salty Snacks 55%!


Where does it show audience categories?


Think I found it:


After reading my entire RSS stream and refreshing it with nothing new. I have an idea for Thursday.

Reading Internet

An analysis on staying informed in the modern era.


I could have sworn there was an episode named “Reading the Internet”, but search doesn’t seem to find anything.


That show was definitely already done, although I think it might have been a tech specific Monday show.


The Internet is not the web.