Show Ideas and Reminders


Come on Google! How does it not rewrite that query?


Thursday ideas:
Political voting from a game theory perspective
Arts and Crafts projects
Good/Bad building design


I couldn’t find anything on the guys doing a show about cheese. I feel like they could definitely a Thursday show about all things cheese.


Rym is sick, so no podcast tonight. I will stream something instead. What do you want to see?


Civ game, cooking stream, Zelda randomizer game, random game you bought in a bundle but never played before.


It can be a non-game stream. I have cameras and technology.


+1 to the zelda randomizer idea.


I vote Gunpla with Scott.


In-flight game design


You haven’t done an interview in a while. I wonder if you could get Neil Cicierega.


Play and review West of Loathing. I think it’s up Rym’s alley.


It’s been on my wish list since I saw it at PAX. The only thing that is keeping me from playing it is other games.


First time I caught your live episode thing, and only because I subscribed to the channel after it suggested the “dream daddies” stream for some reason.

I’m all for most of the “bad” tech episodes, but I might be biased. In my ten years as a developer I’ve learned a lot of esoteric shit. I’ve seen so many bad products and platforms. But do the one on load balancing for sure, because I’ve never been in a position where I’ve had to. I’ve had servers that were underpowered for something, I’ve seen code that was clearly like… the opposite of optimized… but I’ve yet to actually have to build a real dynamic load balancing multi-server setup. I’ve fixed almost all my load problems either by re-writing something to actually pay attention to shit I learned in college, or by throwing more reasonable hardware at it (usually like super underpowered… 1 gig 1 core vms that need to be like four times that).





Here’s a good Wednesday or perhaps even a Thursday idea:
Watching South Park as a person who actually cares.
South Park gets a lot of flack, probably rightfully so, for doing things like Manbearpig that take a serious person, in this case, Al Gore, and turn him into a very mockable buffoon. At least a generation of people have grown up thinking Al Gore is a joke because of Manbearpig. Occasionally, it does cover topics in a way I consider to be at least somewhat positive, like the episode about being trans, but the general rep of South Park is that it convinces comfortable people to stay in the status quo, and that caring is something that stupid people do.
And yet, Rym and Scott want to watch every episode as soon as it comes out. Scott basically only gets Hulu to watch South Park. We know their preferences and attitudes don’t line up with South Park’s, so why continue to watch the show?


Games that may or may not have ever existed or that should exist.


What day do you need shows for? All the ways to measure programmers, and how they’re all bad.


Y’all should watch and review GATE: And So the JSDF Fought


I’ve said Geeknights should do the movie Her. I reiterate that statement.


Has there been an episode about poker? Would be interesting to hear the GeekNights take on massively popular games outside of typical gamer circles, such as this.