Show Ideas and Reminders

Recently at a thrift store, I picked up the 25th anniversary Blu-Ray of ‘Transformers the Movie’. I honestly think Rym and Scott should review this. While it is an animated movie designed to sell toys, I would argue the animation still holds up to this day. And while the story and music can be cheesy at times, I will admit to having the movie soundtrack on my iTunes…

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I supposed we haven’t done a show on it, but we’ve certainly seen it many times.

Ngl, this movie is one of my favorites. On a related note, and if you’re unaware, Cybertronic Spree is a band and they are fucking awesome live. Only seen them at cons, when I felt safe going to those, tho. They’re like a mashup of GWAR, transformers, and bar band haha

Easter eggs


Everything Everywhere all at Once
Land of the Lustrous

I think you guys would love both of these.

I’d also add Severance but doubt Scott would watch it?


A very short book club on A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers.