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Peppercorn is peppercorn for the most part. I like some fancier types occasionally for their slightly different flavor but McCormick or Badia is fine for everyday stuff.


I use McCormick, it tastes like pepper. McCormick also sells a disposable grinder in most grocery stores. Basically a pre-filled glass container with a plastic grinder on top. Get one of those first so you can try out fresh ground pepper.

EDIT: One of these


Yup, this is a good place to start. After years of refilling pepper grinders, I just can’t be bothered any more, and just keep buying these disposable ones these days.


Stick to black ones for utility. You can buy black peppercorns in bulk and they’ll last you a really long time, even if you use peppercorns for a lot of stock and brines. Just get a pepper with a grinder that’s easy to remove.

If you want to know about the other varieties of peppercorn, check here:



Their best is just case hardened, not proper hardened? Bare minimum, high carbon steel. Fucking hopeless. Get in the fucking sea wirecutter.

(My personal favorite is the Derwent by Cole & Mason, I saw the recommendation from America’s Test Kitchen while I was skimming through cable channels a while back, and turns out, it’s a really good grinder.)


Oooh, America’s Test Kitchen is legit. They have never steered me wrong. Still, that’s a lot of money for some grinders.


We have 3 Peugeot grinders, 1 for salt, 1 for pepper, and 1 for coffee. They are niiiiiice, and made in France, so not slave-ish labor.


True, but you make it back relatively quickly considering the longevity of them, and the savings you make lifetime buying whole black pepper over the grinders, or ground pepper, will at least cover it.

Peugeot grinders are nice. I don’t like the case-hardened blades, but that’s because I’m picky, not because it’s the worst thing you could use.


Having read the reviews, maybe I should buy a new pepper mill. The one have was a gift, and it’s ok-ish at best.


Atlantic salmon on a bed of roasted brussel sprouts and carrots with a blackberry+thyme gastrique.


I think it’s time to go on a competitive cooking show.


I propose a Geeknights Cook-a-Thon.


I meant just @Andy. He can maybe win on Chopped at this point.


Are you asking for a Geeknights Cooking Competition? Cause that’s what I’m asking for.

But @Andy definitely has an edge on Presentation.


idk maybe, I feel like while I’m a decent home chef, I lack a lot of the knowledge and skills about how to make food efficiently and quickly at a level required for professional chefs. Perhaps some of that comes from the fact that I mostly make new recipes, but things like batch cooking and prep work are a bit of a mystery to me. I host dinner parties for four, but more than that it’s a struggle. I really only get to stretch that side of cooking when I do thanksgiving.

Also recipe creation is definitely something I need to learn. Although the fish dish above is one I put together!


I would be down for a Geeknights Cooking Competition. To make it fun, I’d love some before, during and after photos of ingredients, prep and cooking, and final presentation. Also a theme or main ingredient set by someone not taking part, seconded by a third party.


We need to be in the same place. Taste is the most important thing.

We could have everyone bake cookies and ship them to us overnight for judging.


Baking and cooking are very different things. My mom loves to bake, but begrudgingly cooks out of necessity.


Yes, I know. But how can we possibly judge if everyone makes a steak au poivre or chicken marsala?