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I’ve been cooking

Here is a roasted sweet potato risotto with bacon topping and fresh rosemary

And here is some homemade ravioli filled with ricotta, mint, and lemon.


That risotto looks legit. Were do you get recipes?

Wait what risotto?

I started raiding my Dad’s whisky library when I realised that he had a range of different flavours, been doing some whisky cocktails -

Old Fashioned

@Churba we were right, the Old Fashioned was made weirdly at the cocktail bar at PAX, Using just a single big ice ball is useless for an Old Fashioned as the majority of preparation is stirring in a splash of blended whisky and a bit of ice at a time, the diluting, stirring and chilling effect is where the nuance lies with this drink.


On the other hand a shaken drink like a Penicillin really needs the big iceball or cube to serve with at the end. The great kick to this is putting a teaspoon of peaty whisky on top, that first sip destroys you with the ginger, honey, lemon and smoky whisky flavour.
One of the best for a hot day / afternoon / evening.

The one that Andrew posted…

lol I thought that was a soup of some kind and skim read the text, my bad :P.

Hey @Apreche in regards to the possible cooking videos you may or may not be doing, have you considered strapping a Go Pro to your head for filming for First Person Cooking view?

No. I put the GoPro on the cabinets facing down, but it wasn’t ideal.

Sauteed chicken with green peppers, onions, scallions, and garlic over a bed of bowtie pasta with a pesto sauce.

No recipe required.

Pork sausages with parsnips, onions, and garlic!
Very easy and very very delicious.

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What do you serve it with? Is it mostly just a very hearty meat and vegetable meal to be had with some good bread and salad?

Roast portabello mushrooms and sourdough bread with red wine vinegar. Do not have a photo unfortunately.

Did Thanksgiving recipe experimentation last night with a “Springsgiving” dinner party. Tried out sous vide + deep fried Turkey “Porchetta” and stuffing muffins!


And I thought our strombolis looked good.

No pics but I have been experimenting with making my own spaghetti sauce with great results. Even with tinned crushed tomatoes you can make a great sauce with no crap in it from pre-packaged stuff.

For 80% of the year tinned tomatoes are better quality than fresh you can get in the produce section.

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True true. What I really want to try this year is growing my own tomatoes and making sauce, if i can keep the damn squirrels away.

Tried a new recipe tonight that I’ve wanted to make for over a decade now: Chicken and 40 cloves. Simple recipe where break a whole chicken down into 8 pieces and you basically cook them in olive oil and 40 whole cloves of garlic. The end result is that you get chicken that has picked up the slightly sweet and musky roasted garlic flavor:

Even though the chicken cooked for a while it stayed moist. It pretty much falls off the bone. Then you take the oil and garlic that’s left:

and you brush it on nice crusty italian bread. The garlic is so soft is literally spread like butter.

It’s a shame Ive put off making this recipe for so long, it was delicious. Definitely something I’ll make again.


Aww yes. Muffins is the best form stuffing can take. What do you usually put in yours?

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