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The main thing that led to me and Juliane cooking more often, and getting much better at it, was installing a dishwasher.


I decided to make Chicken Katsu Sando. I’ve never had it properly but the combinations looked kinda perfect. Definitely more Americanized from the beer-battered/panko crust and using lettuce instead of cabbage or egg salad. Tonkatsu Sauce worked really well. Kewpie Mayo is absolutely legit, definitely enhances whatever it’s on rather than just be creamy mayonnaise. Made my own Shokupan which didn’t rise that well likely due to overworked dough and/or ingredients that were not weighed, but it tasted really nice. Somewhere between white sandwich bread and roll type flavor.

Would totally make sandwich again.


I tested out Binging with Babbage’s latest video’s recipe where he made fresh white bread.

I think my take on it came out pretty good:


Oh we have a dishwasher, but mainly referring to having to wash the pots and pans all the time. I guess I could put them in the dishwasher, but that would take more energy/water for it vs me just hand washing.

I could always get more pans, but the pans we use are not cheap.

My next investment is a large wok type pan to cook larger meals.


That is some shiny bread.


@chrisislost Tried that recipe this weekend and she thought it came out too soft for our tastes. She turned it into cinnamon bread instead. Looking forward to trying it when I get home tonight.

Bread is something we’re definitely working on lately, we want decent sandwich bread.


Oh yeah, I made beef and bacon pie, lemme snap a pic before I eat the rest.

shame it’s not really a money shot but I made these last night so this is after the fridge


i’m glad the bacon fad is finally dying, my stomach can’t handle this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh that’s not the only fad that got me to make this, this is a recipe straight out of the game of thrones cookbook. That said this is also the second time I’ve made them, they’re… really good. It’s basically beef stew in a pie with a bacon lattice on top. It’s a hearty thing that combines bacon, delicious steak and, delicious pie crust (also like potatoes, mushrooms, onions and, carrots I guess).


Tried out a new recipe today, Zeppole di San Giuseppe. I’ve bought these for years around St. Josephs day, but only recently did I ever think to make them from scratch. It was all way easier than I thought they would be. The yellow ones are a pastry cream, the white ones are cannoli cream. They came out great but I need to tweek the cannoli cream a bit. (Whole milk riccota, strain it longer, maybe just say screw it and use marsacpone, etc)


I am going to make an effort to learn a new dish each weekend. Tonight’s dish was sukiyaki, chosen because it showed up in an anime I was watching and made me hungry. I used the SBS food recipe, and it turned out a treat.



I made tantanmen.

Also Takeoka style ramen

Also some lasagna


Been cold and rainy. Perfect for lentil soup. I love slow cooker cooking. So easy.


I’m almost out of pepper. I usually just get the McCormick ground black pepper. It’s easy and gets the job done. Should I switch to an actual pepper grinder with actual peppercorns in it? Does it really matter? Will it actually be noticeable? If so, what is the best grinder and what are the best corns?


Grinding whole peppercorns releases more oil. Pre-ground pepper dries out and has a weaker taste. It depends on how strong (or weak) you want your pepper to taste.


Freshly ground pepper has more flavor than pre-ground. How much so depends on the grind; the coarser it is, the stronger the flavor. This is the grinder I use and it gets the job done perfectly. I especially like that it is see-through, so I know when to refill without having to open it up.


OXO, of course. Duh.

Still need to know where to get the best corns.


You don’t need exotic peppercorns.


Sure, but which boring domestic corns are best?