Random Questions


Is it as bad as all that? I thought it was just out of left field and that’s why people didn’t like it. I don’t follow CAD though.


I used to read CAD back when I was stupid and didn’t know any better. It revolves around an absolute asshole of a main character who nevertheless is supported by his best friend and girlfriend, as well as the sentient robot the main character built out of an X-Box despite showing no discernible skill that would make him able to do so at any other point in the comic, and is actually shown to be an absolute moron. (This character is apparently an author insert as Tim Buckley, by all accounts, is also a tremendous douchebag) The comic is mostly a bit of a Penny Arcade ripoff that later introduced some storylines, while at the same time running “lol so random” bullshit comics and just straight murderporn with the “Player” comics.

The Loss comic is from one of the bigger storylines. The girlfriend character becomes pregnant (because obviously that is what you do with your only female character) and the main character has to cope that he can no longer be an absolute man-child but take on responsibility for once. Of course you can’t upset the status quo of the comic like that so let’s abort (both literally and figuratively) the storyline in the most callous way possible. To emphasize just how dumb this is: The Loss comic ran in between a “hilarious scheme” of the main character to improve his earnings with the baby on the way by creating a “Will it blend?” style site called “Will it launch?” and his first experiment punching a hole in the wall of his house, and this page “pinup” page of the afforementioned player characters. Yes this page wasn’t published a goodie on the side but as right inside the main comic line not 10 days after the Loss comic.

The funny thing is that this isn’t even the worst storyline in the comic. In one storyline the best friend character gets a girlfriend of his own only for her to turn out to be trying to murder the boyfriend for “reasons”. Of course the whole thing makes absolutely no sense with how the character got introduced. Previously the main character overheard a phone conversation between the new girlfriend and someone else and tried to warn his best friend, only for him to be dismissed as the jealous assclown that he is. So instead of the moral being “your friends have lives of their own” it’s “women are evil and trying to destroy male friendships”.


TvHQ needs a new printer. Must also be able to scan and do printing via USB in addition to wireless. Where should I be looking/what should I be looking for?


Get whatever has the highest rating on Amazon.


Can happiness be achieved without sacrifice?


Human sacrifices? No I don’t think so. The Blood God demands his tribute.


What kind of stuff do I need to think about for web hosting? I’m really more of just a programmer, but for this new gig I also need to think about some of those IT things. I think I’m going to just prototype things initially on a single virtual machine, but eventually the stack would have a couple layers to it.

Front-end web interface.
Back-end api server.
Database server and whatever other resources.
Possibly spinning up a virtual machine just to do heavy processing when necessary.

Production and development of each, and in an ideal world each of these are unique per customer and we’re automatically setting them up/tearing them down.

Should I be looking at Amazon? OVH? Rack space in a data-center? A lot of this won’t really matter for a long while, but I at least want to start thinking about it. At some point we’d actually have an IT person or maybe one of the developers will take up that role more, but right now it’s pretty much just the elephant in the room. As Rym joked in an episode recently, people say “the cloud” and really all they’re saying is “someone else’s machine” but they seem to think they’re saying something way more profound than that. I can write code all day, but I’ve always just been handed the server situation (which was usually pretty nasty honestly) in the past.


Use Amazon or Google. Actually keeping track/maintenance of physical machines is more annoying and less reliable and it’s worth paying to just not think about hardware.


I have this pot that confounds me. Its a fairly deep steel sauce pot with a copper bottom like you get in a cheap set from a department store. It does not boil water unless you put a tight lid on it. I could put it over the biggest burner on full blast and it will just reach a simmer. I think it is haunted or something. Anyone have a physics explanation for this?


I would like to see a video of this pot that never boils. Any chance of that happening?


Live stream it!



The pot may be allowing the water to evaporate enough to cool itself so that it never reaches a high enough temperature to achieve a full boil unless the pot is covered. Just a guess.


I’m new to makeup. Femme people of the Forum, which brands should I avoid and which should I prefer? Also, do we have a beauty thread? I thought we did but I couldn’t find it.


How do people clean their ears?

My doctor is constantly telling me that Q-Tips are terrible evil things that I shouldn’t use, and that opinion seems to be held by doctors in general. But I hate having a lot of wax build-up in my ears. I think it’s gross and especially when I’m out in public, I can get self-conscious about ear wax.

What do other people do to get rid of wax build-up?


Apparently you’re supposed to use ear cleaner that’s basically hydrogen peroxide if I remember right. It goes in your ear and you let it foam up and dissolve the wax then let it drain out and the dissolved wax goes with.


Can’t say this works for everyone since people have different levels of wax, so on and so forth… But what I do is after I shower I just take a piece of toilet paper and dig it out with my index finger. It doesn’t actually get out any of the wax in the ear, which is fine because you’re not supposed to remove it, but it removes most of the visible wax.

Another option, though I’ve never done it, is use earplugs to kind of scrape it out. Similar to a Q-Tip but safer since they can’t go that far in.


Warm water is all I use typically. Ear wax loosens up at a relatively low temperature.


I tried switching over from Q-Tips to just using a tissue or a piece of toilet paper and my finger, but it seems like that second method isn’t nearly as effective.

I might have to try the hydrogen peroxide method. I’ve never heard of that before.

In general, I hate the feeling of water in my ears, so I’m reluctant to put liquid in my ears.


I’m the same, I hate water in my ears because they don’t drain very well so it tends to get stuck for hours. Also not sure if you should use straight peroxide so check up on that, but there are products specifically for this.