Random Questions


If foam earplugs don’t stick way into your ear you’re using them wrong. That said they really do get all kinds of nasty gunk out.


I don’t do anything at all. Ears just always stay clean on their own.



My completely uneducated guess is that because people keep cleaning their ears too much, the ear overcompensates for the lack of wax by producing too much. This induces people to clean them again. The solution is to maybe just remove a bit of the crazy wax and leave the rest there. Your ear is supposed to have wax in it!


Just take them off and run them through the dishwasher.


I had a friend go to the doctor due to some significant earwax blockage that was affecting her hearing. The doctor just flushed it out with a hydrogen peroxide solution and it was just fine.

HOWEVER, I have tried cleaning my own ears out with a capful of hydrogen peroxide myself, and while yes it works very effectively to remove all of the wax, I discovered that it can leave you very prone to catching a cold. My doctor informed me that a surprising percentage of cold viruses can get into your body via the ear canals, and removing too much earwax or doing it too often can leave you prone to easily catch something.

So if you choose to do the hydrogen peroxide route on your own, confirm with a doctor about what sort of solution to use, or at the very least don’t use pure hydrogen peroxide, by watering it down a bit.


My dad was near deaf most of his life… and it’s not entirely clear to me why, but they basically told me I had ears like his. My hearing has always been less than average, but never bad enough to need aid. I don’t know how you all are, but I do use a q-tip (or even a tissue) sometimes when my ears feel “wet”. I never have done any damage I’m aware of, just sort of touching the area to pick up anything loose. I had trouble with ear infections as a child, but that was when my parents would prod me with q-tips. On my own I’ve had one single ear infection, and it happened right after a cold, and I’m like 98% certain the two were related. To me it feels like q-tips are probably sub-optimal, but the advice against it must be because people in general are fuck-ups. I have two things I deal with around my ears… (1) occasionally they feel wet and liquidy and putting anything that’ll soak that up in the near area fixes it, and (2) in the past two years or so I’ve developed like… ear dandruff. It’s scaly and dry and flaky. Happens more in winter, when I have more issues with hair dandruff. From reading, it’s probably related to (1) getting way fat, and (2) drinking a lot which also contributed to (1). Probably all solvable problems.


I do actually have an issue with earwax buildup that I have to remove every year or half due to narrow tubes. I can tell when it’s been a while because I’ll just one day notice things sound less clear, or one ear hears things differently.

I was taught to squirt using an enema bulb into the ears, just make sure there’s not too much pressure that it hurts. Chunks of wax fall out (I do it in the shower) and all the high frequencies suddenly come in. It’s kind of satisfying in that pimple popping sort of way.


What defines an act of terrorism separate from other violent crime?


My largely uninformed understanding is that terrorism must come with political or religious motivation of some description.


In 2017? Was the perpetrator brown.


There’s a webcomic about that.


I appreciate the Blues Brothers reference.


What’s the best solution for playing emulated games on-the-go? SNES in particular, because I love me some Link to the Past Randomizers. I vaguely remember something about setting one up on a 3DS, but I could be wrong.


If you have a Homebrew-enabled 3DS I think they is a emulator for it. Otherwise maybe a flashcard with emulator on DS. If for some reason you have a PSP they’re great for emulation.


Hmm… I do indeed have a PSP. I figured it was only good for replaying the PS1 games I bought from the Playstation Store. I will have to research that.


If you want to win the argument, I would opt for irrelevance. People tend to be strongly invested in their opinions so you are probably more likely to convince them that what they’ve put forward is irrelevant to the topic at hand rather than false.

However, if your goal is not to convince your opponent but rather serve the audience of the argument, I think it is more responsible to point out the falsehood to avoid the spread of misinformation.


I need a relatively cheap way to vibrate a small object in a single axis under the control of an audio-frequency signal. It doesn’t need to follow the signal especially well (like shitty speakers: recognizable but bad) but I need the greatest amplitude of displacement I can possibly get. Like if I could get inches I’d go with that.

Any thoughts on how to do that? The only things I can think of are either a busted old speaker (probably not enough displacement) or attempting a homemade solenoid driven by a stupid amount of power.


Everyone’s talking about paying extra for popular websites like YouTube and Twitter if Net Neutrality is repealed, but would I be able to access lesser known sites like In The Rose Garden, BruceBase, and the Front Row Crew Forum at all?


Does anyone have an Studio Ghibli character plush toys that they don’t want or would be willing to part with for a reasonable price? Our nursery is going to be Ghibli themed. I am primarily interested in smaller plush toys that can be used in a mobile, but other sizes would be great, too.


I might make a separate thread for this but I don’t know how much discussion there is around this subject. So I and my partner finally purchased a house this past December and I feel like I’m at a point where I’m not needing to save for short term stuff I want as much. I have a 401k and an IRA and admittedly I’m not investing in the IRA really at all currently. That is something I expect to change soon.

As I move forward I’m more interested in getting invested in some stock trading. I didn’t realize that my IRA money is basically just sitting there so at the very least I’m going to invest that in some stuff. But I was also looking at opening a brokerage account. I’m kinda wondering if that is a big step or something that shouldn’t be considered unless I plan on spending a bunch of time managing it. Or perhaps it’s not as much management as I would expect? Not worth it for the fees potentially? I dunno.

I’m just trying to probe and see if anyone has opinions or experience with this more than I that I can consider going forward. The only person I’m vaguely aware of independently trading is Rym, but maybe I’m wrong on that. Anyone else doing this kind of thing?