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I’ve had my Zojirushi rice cooker since May 2010. I only ever leave it plugged in when I’m making rice. This has resulted in the internal battery dying. The only negative of this seems to be that the clock is wrong. I mean, I’m not exactly using my rice cooker to tell time, so I should just ignore this?

It still feels bad because a thing I have is somewhat broken. Replacing this battery is apparently a huge pain, and should only be done by Zojirushi themselves. Here’s a how-to video.

Should I even bother, or just let it be?


Does the battery not working have any impact on the cooker when in use?

If no, don’t worry about it. If yes, fix it.


My aunt from Pennsylvania is visiting and we were discussing how colleges work over there. She described a sorority and fraternity type system which her daughter was in. The description sounded like groups of students were being placed in silos based on culture and backgrounds. Examples were - Hispanics, South Asians, African Americans etc.

I found the idea uncomfortably odd as partitioning people into groups based on how they look and where they are from is only going to lead to a culture of fragmented people rather than a mesh of people who see everyone as the same.

Am I mistakenly critiquing this style of club?

Sure there are there are a few of these groups in Australian Universities (I counted like 3 in my last degree and 0, 10 years ago) but far more clubs which are based on hobbies, majors and interest based clubs.
It’s like why is there a Korean club at my school? Can I join if I’m not Korean? Do they have actual Korean activities and introductions to the culture? (No, no they don’t they’re just getting money from the Guild to throw parties and separate themselves from the rest of society).


There is a lot to criticize with greek life at American universities, but, at least in my experience, they aren’t as racially divided as your aunt made it sound. There are Jewish frats and historically black frats (in the same way that there are historically black colleges), but greek life seems to be mostly rich white people with a sprinkling of “other”. People in frats and sororities:

  • Are generally rich and white because dues are really expensive
  • Want to be part of an exclusive clique
  • Want to make connections to use later in life
  • Want to get really drunk

My experience with them is based in the south, so things could be different in Pennsylvania, but I never saw a Hispanic, Black, or Asian frat/sorority at school.


Am I the only one who didn’t know who PewDiePie was until yesterday? Also, now that I know of him, can anyone explain his appeal? I won’t watch his videos, but I’ve now seen a few summeries in the news, and I just don’t get it.


He represents probably the majority of youtube/twitch entertainment. Him and his ilk (Markiplier for example) are the BIGGEST celebrities to a huge percentage of teenagers today. They have more name recognition than any actor or musician among younger kids of certain broad demographics.

They just play videogames and/or mess around live on camera, sometimes doing little short skits.

They’re more watched than the superbowl.


He had really really broad appeal among children. Probably around the 8-12 ages, these kids basically grew up with him. They’re probably mid-late teens now, and still engrossed, while his 8-12 appeal hasn’t gone anywhere.

On the Cortex podcast, the hosts watch a few of his videos and attempt to explain their appeal. They described one where he fought with youtube support over a bug of theirs that caused tens of thousands of his subscribers to vanish from his numbers, and the lengths he was willing to go for them. The joke of it being that that’s only a fraction of a single percent of his numbers.

TL;DR: He’s supposedly funny.


Wait people still watch YouTube?


His valentines day upload from ONE day ago has over 3MM views already. 5-8MM views within a couple weeks is typical.

Youtube is growing crazy fast, both in raw numbers and as a percentage of total media consumed.


Says the guy who can’t get out of 1770 let alone 1970.


Exactly. If the guy who was a paid Redcoat thinks your thing is retro, it must be really fucking retro.


I am going to be in London and Paris in May. Does anyone have any good restaurant suggestions?


When did Anime start being available on Steam?


Crunchyroll partnered with them starting very recently. Just sub to Crunchyroll and ignore the Steam stuff.


They have movies and software, not really that surprising they’d make the jump to anime.


So I was going to stencil some of my magazine for airsoft, as M4 mags are as common as dirt, and because I’m sick of crappy tacticool punisher and crappy designs I was going to go for something a bit more lighthearted. As such can anyone recommend a bit more alternative stencil design? Maybe a bit nerdy or geeky. Was thinking of Hello Kitty.


What are your immediate red flags when you are apartment hunting? Things that scream out to you that you definitely do not want to live there?


Immediate like fire hazards, lack of ability to secure the place, insects visibly everywhere?

A couple things that caught me off guard in the past that are not immediately obvious is actually running the water to make sure there’s nothing weird going on there and checking that any appliances there are actually functional. Once had a place where water didn’t get hot when I moved in and another where the fridge was apparently non-functional but I didn’t bother to check that before I moved in cause I just assume stuff like that is going to work.


Signs of hasty renovation. Say it looks nice on the surface, but then you see they weren’t super tidy with the paint or the skirting boards don’t quite match up. Its a red flag that more important jobs were done poorly.