Random Questions


Probably some bureaucratic adventure knowing Japan.


Yeah the bureaucratic ones are the best. 3 hours to a get a photo taken for my driving licence. Still much easier than if I had a US one.

Its hard to rank them really as there are shades of nuttyness. A recent one was a battle with a toad that would not move from the front of my door, and kept on trying to get in when I opened it. Had to climb over the balcony in the end. Got a bit drunk that night and chased him off with a fly swatter. Carrying the rock up the mountain was a bit of a mad one. There is also a festival in one of the neighbouring villages where all the single men get smashed on sake while everyone is getting the floats ready. The everyone goes out and parades their floats in front of the shrine. We then turn up making a big load of noise with out float. Which is just some sticks holding up a barrel of sake which we drink from. The smallest guy then climbs a pole while we spin the float around. This is meant to impress the single women…it does not work very well. There is also the naked marathon in January. Which ends with a bunch of men in a pit, in mawashis trying to touch the unlucky man while monks throw ice water on you.

My facebook catalogues some of the more interesting experiences that I’ve had. Case in point; Bogglin about in Japan Bevaggedon addition; So I was out having some cheeky drinks with some chums, bombing the old sake, get a lift home. Get back to the door and hear this god awful sound. Turns out there is a sharks vs jets deal going on but with cats. These mother fuckers are loud. So one of the teachers in my block, who has influenza, is shouting at them to be quiet. Now I should add here I have been watching a lot of Father Ted of recent. So drunken Amp lets forth with “Feck off cat, arse feck, Girlzzzz” The teacher then copies this shouting “feck off cato”. This goes on for a good five minuets till these furry pricks get the hint and bugger off. The teacher and I do an air high five and go our separate ways. So that was my Friday night.

My life has certainly become more interesting since moving to Japan.


That would be an Ecumenical matter!

I think I’d get on with this Daniel chappy.


he’s a figment, a myth, a typo…but yes. I am planing to come to Auz.


Has anyone built anything with either ServiceStack or JHipster? If so, what did you like and what made you want to burn it to the ground? Trying to decide between them for a project at work.


On the Geeknights Facebook page there is phone number listed 646-416-1895. Who gets these calls? Rym, Scott or both?


Only one way to find out. And I ain’t callin’. But I am starting trouble.


The one reason I would want Rym or Scott’s phone number is if I lived in the NY area and wanted to invite them to a board game.


It has to be Scott’s. Rym doesn’t Facebook.


Does anyone know of any decent pregnancy and parenting forums? Most the ones I have found are full of woo, crackpottery, and shaming those who don’t buy into same.


So Lo-fi hip-hop is basically just elevator music with a hip-hop sound and beat, right? Smooth hip-hop? Because I can listen to that shit all day at work or while doing chores at home. Am I a horrible person for this?


Listening to music that you like and makes you feel good can not possibly make you a terrible person. The exception would be if like, it was nazi music saying how nazis are awesome, or some shit like that.


I guess that’s true. Although I still reserve the right to pass harsh judgment on people who enjoy hick-hop.


Part of me doesn’t want to, but we have said that it’s really all about whether or not your ass responds by involuntary shaking. Asses don’t understand nazis.


Hey now, there’s head music and ass music. My head might not like what my ass is grooving to, and likewise my ass might be immobile at some of my favorite headphone jams. It’s all relative.


It’s not really a forum, but it’s the closest thing I’ve got - a dear friend of mine moved to the netherlands, and now runs a blog about her experiences with her twins, and being an immigrant.


And ass music is not always the best music for sitting at a desk and doing work.
(I say as I listen to multi-hour Eurobeat mixes on youtube at work)


Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex - Episode 16 @19:30, anyone know the title of the song?


I’m an idiot, it’s track 8 on the OST, Velveteen


I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong in PUBG in regards to aiming. I am routinely smoked by people spraying full auto from mid ranges say 50-100 meters that ought not to be that accurate, while if I do the same I am hitting nothing but air. Close range and long range I’m good. Any ideas? @Churba I know you just got a chicken dinner what am I doing wrong?


Well, I can’t claim it for myself alone, that’s an Anteater Squad victory, not just me. As anyone else will tell you, I’m not actually that good individually, my strength is the team.

Still, here’s everything I know, though I’m not great at all of it:

Get to estimating ranges. While things are quiet, occasionally sight up on something you can see on the map, like a building, and have a guess at the range. Then count it off in map squares on the map, see how close you get - each small square is 100m. Seems useless for a close-in fight, but working on your ranging helps you pick when you kick off, and when you don’t. Also helpful in team games!

Anticipate your targets - started shooting at someone in the open? They’re going to run for cover. what’s his nearest cover? He’s heading that way. If you know where they’re going, it’s easier to track their path.

Body position - Standing is wobbly, crouching is better, laying down is best. the better you can deal with recoil, the better your follow-up shots will be.

If you’ve got your sights up, remember you can hold right-mouse to zoom and steady a little further. If you have time to set up your first shot, remember you can hold shift to hold your breath, to steady even further. But not too long, if the little lung icon runs out, you get wobbly. You also can’t sprint for a short few seconds after you hold your breath, so keep that in mind.

Auto fire is for room-broom work. Keep it on single, or if you’re confident with your ability to tap-fire, only tap fire. Better to fire less and hit more, than fire more and hit less. If you can, get a rhythm - I tend to fire three times, pause for a tiny moment, and then fire another three.

Don’t shoot your teammates. They keep telling me this is very important.

At that kind of short-to-mid range, don’t worry too much about leading, unless they’re running dead perpendicular to you.

Don’t be afraid to mess with your sensitivities - PUBG breaks down sensitivity for a bunch of different weapon categories. Fiddle until it feels right. If you’re tensing up, pull it down some.

Never point your gun at a wall and strafe. Nobody is coming through the wall to get you. Only ever be pointing your crosshair where an enemy might appear - so, say you’re coming up on a left-hand corner, keep the corner of the wall just on the left of the crosshair.

Cover blocks bullets. Concealment blocks eyeballs. Prefer the first, but take whatever you can get in the moment.